[Beta] Minut Point



[Beta] Minut Point

Hello guys, I am working on an app to add support for the minut point.

Functions so far:

Collection of:

  • Get temperature.
  • Get noise
  • Get battery
  • Get humidity.
  • Get pressure
  • get humidity alarm state
  • get sound alarm state
  • get temp alarm state

Reacting to:

  • Button press
  • Temperature high
  • Temperature low.
  • Temp back to normal
  • Humidity High
  • Humidity Low
  • Humidity Normal
  • Device offline
  • Device online
  • Alarm heard.
  • Sound high
  • Sound normal
  • Tamper
  • Battery low
  • Battery empty.

At the moment the app will identify itself with my name upon authentication to the Minut point API I will try and change this.

i can use some help with Icons for the app. so if anyone wants to make some icons that would be great.

URL to minut

Github (Work in progress)


Seems very promising…
Are you hooking directly into the devices or is it an app connecting to their cloud service?
If the first, it could be a tough alternative to a number of devices, if the second, less interesting, as that leave you reliant in a working internet connection…

Other than that:
How is the presence detection working? Standard-PIR or some combination of modalities? (If you sit still, will it still detect you or do you disappear until you move again?)


This app is using the cloud API. other communication is not documented and therefor should be reverse engineered (too much time).

The Presence detection is not activated yet in the firmware (https://intercom.help/minut/troubleshooting/point-doesnt-detect-motion). however as you can read its not for using it as a motion sensor or Presence detection.
This as the product is focussed on security not utility.


Didn’t find that one in the faq - thank you - clarifies it a bit more.
A shame it needs connection out-of-the-house - especially when pointed at security…


If alarm is switch on, it will sound alarm if motion is detected. No internet needed for that. But if you want to receive the alarm on your smartphone or on the homey, Internet should be operational.

If you are not home at that moment, you need internet as well, otherwise no alarms will reach you. For that every security implementation based and connected to the Homey needs internet.


Hardware update for Minut owners announced:


Ladies and gentlemen, The app is in alpha, if you would like an alpha invite please PM me your app store account mail


Tonight I added succesful two Minuts to my Homey with release v0.0.6.
I tried it this morning using a web browser, but may be the browser did not allow pop-ups for the first connection to Minut.

Now I going to discover the cards and flows.




Hi, i get my point today, can you say when is the app available. Big Thanks


will try to add some features tommorow and submit the app for review to athom so hopefully soon in Beta


@ketra90, Great News. Thanks


Ladies and gentlemen the app is now in Beta


:ok_hand: :grinning:


Big Thanks!!!