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Blink App

I managed to install the Github Blink app via CLI but it’s identical as from the app store and also doesn’t work for XT2.
What can i do more?


XT2 works in Home Assistant.

I got myself some XT2’s, but I got the same error. Can someone contact de the developers maybe?

I did post this problem at Github 17 days ago … no reaction. https://github.com/jasperbollen/com.jasperbollen.homey-blink/issues/7

And yes, i installed the Github Blink app with same results

You posted in the wrong GitHub . Jasperbollen isn’t the current maintainer of the blink app .

But what is the right github then?

I’ve bought a few XT2 as well but miss the functionality for this in the existing app here. I’m thinking about making a brand new Blink app for Homey using the nodejs package for node-blink-security.

What do you think?

i have fixed some bugs, the test version is https://homey.app/a/com.jasperbollen.homey-blink/test/

zee-eend thanks for your help!

Sorry this is fixed in this test version -> https://homey.app/a/com.jasperbollen.homey-blink/test/

Would you like to help convert the App to the node-blink security package?

I could at least start giving it a try and see how it goes and if it feels like the right thing to do.

Thanks for releasing the updated version so fast, now I can at least get the XT2 cameras in there, even though there seems to be a few glitches here and there where sensors values are not read and connection errors when trying to take a new snapshot, etc.

Would be interesting to see how stable the node package is.

Do you have Slack or some chat application? my username is flyingdutchman on Slack.

i have created an delay between creating an snapshot and giving homey the new snapshot url. The servers from blink has an delay of 5 seconds. The response from creating an new snapshot does not give me the new url so i must get the new url from an other api call (screen in the app).

App needs support for the blinkxt 2

Hello,i have a blink indoor home i downloaded the app and entered my access data but when i try to add the blink it does not find it and it times out.Help please

I just received my 2 Blink XT2 and want to confirm they work with the app. At first I tried to add the cameras and got timed out, later I found out I had to fill in my credentials in the blink app first via configure app. Then my 2 cameras were added automatically. The type indoor camera is wrong but who cares.

I created a flow which sends a camera snapshot and the actual time to my phone when the xiaomi vibration detector (sticked on my doorbell) is activated.

I confirm it can be added, I’ll start testing flows.
Is it possible to see video in Homey, not snapshots?
Thank you.

Homey can’t show video from any camera.

I have my camera’s motion disabled during the day. At 23:00 they are activated via my “night” flow till 7:00.

When someone rings my doorbell during the day my doorbell flow is activated. First it sends a snapshot to my phone and then after 4 secondd starts a recording (shorter does not work because of busy camera. )

I can view the recordings via my Blink app. Which you will need anyway…

Does anyone know how to save the snapshot? I get a message but when I discard it, the image is gone.