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Blink App

I have added a Blink cam (new blink outdoor) with sync module 2.
I can add the cam to Homey and can turn on/off motion detection. That results in a change in blink app (the grey/blue man icon). The Homey device is connected with the sync module and camera.

But the motion alert is not triggered in Homey when the camera registeres motion (and blink app sends a push message).
Is this a known problem?

Edit: Current temperature from camera is visible in Homey. So the blink app is able to retrive camera data, but no motion alert.

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I have the same issue. I can arm and disarm the system, I can turn the cams on and off, but I am not getting a motion trigger. That is really unfortunate. I wanted to use the HEIMDALL plugin but w/o the motion trigger is does not work.