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Bose Soundtouch

It working perfectly … great! Thanks a lot

Some features works, but when i turn on/off my ST30, the app crashes:

No update on this issue?

Dear all,

The app are crash down all the time, any ideas ?

Thanks in advance …

Any news to the issues ?

Don’t have any issues with the App.
Did you assign a fix IP to you SoundTouch devices?

yes, every sound touch have their own IP … homey said always the app break down.

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I have exactly same experience. Multiple ST’s, all with static IPs. App fantastic for me over 18 months. I was a big user with many flows. App now constantly crashes and cannot truly add or use ST30 or ST Portable. This version too unstable and sadly ST’s no longer big part of my homey environment. :cry: @SlicingHaunt very happy to help test / resolve if you need.

I tried to contact the author of this app but have not gotton any responses, yet.

UPDATE: We got in touch and are working out a new solution.

However, I now wrote my own Bose app from scratch because this app had too many shortcomings to be enhanced (personal opinion, totally not meant as offence towards the author - so please don’t get this wrong).
I have tested it fully with the Lifestyle 650 at the moment. And already got more features. It theoretically supports not just the LT 650 but all Soundtouch enabled devices. I might try to publish it but I wanted to talk to the author of this app first.

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Hi SlicingHaunt,
First of all great thanks for your work !
Next, is it possible to add support on Soundtouch Portable in a future release ?
I will send necessary information in a next post.
(Sorry for my bad english knowledge)

Here is my IP:8090/sources XML:


:pray: :slightly_smiling_face:

Hi all,

I have been quiet lately on the forum and maybe I shouldn’t have ignored all of your crash reports about the latest app version in my mail :wink:

Unfortunately for you guys I’m not working on this app anymore due to personal reasons.

Fortunately @Shakesbeard is working on a new app, the new app will have improved stability and other enhancements my app lacked. I’m currently testing it with him to make sure no features are lost when users are migrating. (and as of right now it has many more features that I’m sure all of you will like)
When that app will be released is up to him, but until then my Soundtouch app can still be used.

I want to say thanks to everyone who has supported me who used my app, everyone who helped me test the very first initial versions and everyone who gave suggestions about new features. I really appreciated the enthusiasm new app versions brought to you guys!

I’m not saying goodbye to the Homey platform, but the Soundtouch app will soon be deprecated and replaced by a better version.


I’m curious! The app you’ve made works perfectly on my ST300

UPDATE: The new app is now available on the Homey Appstrore: Bose Devices

Hey there,
the first public release is currently in review by Athom and will most likely come out shortly after easter (rough guess). Thanks to the great support from @SlicingHaunt and the thorough testing, I as well think you will be able to enjoy the new app a lot from the very beginning.

The info page for the new app can be found here:

Hi, is this app compatible with SDK3/Homey V5?

Hi @willumpie,
If you mean the Bose Devices app, there should not be any issues to be expected. If you are still using the old app, then I don’t know for sure. I don’t plan to rewrite the Bose Devices app to SDKv3 right away as many people are hesitant to upgrade their Homey. However, I will of course do it before SDKv2 runs out of business.

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I’m also in a two fold with regards to this homey v5, one way, zigbee and zwave would be greatly improved some new apps wo’nt be backwards compatible. on the other side, V5 might break a lot :frowning:

But if homey v5 is still running sdk2 apps (with out zigbee/zwave) it is all fine

It will. Only SDKv1 is dropped with this update.

Hi. I am currently considering switching from smartthings to Homey, primarily because I find the support for soundtouch very limited on smartthings. What I am really interested in knowing is this: are the features of this app possible to use with voice activation through Google assistant? For instance; hey Google, play preset 1 on soundtouch 300.

Hi @Jyndevad and welcome.

Short answer: Yes.
Long Answer:
Well, I am afraid that is just not like Homey voice assistant integration works. That does not mean that what you want is impossible though. You can define voice command triggeres in various ways which would enable you to play your preset. It just does not work out of the box as you imagined.

For example, you can define a flow which will start preset 1 of your soundtouch device. This flow can then be made a so called favorite which will enable you to trigger that flow with your voice by its name.
Also you could add a virtual device which would do and work almost the same.