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Any updates on V2 compability and issues regarding pairing? Thanks!

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If you meant the creation of zones, currently still in contact with Athom.

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In Homey 2.0.5 the issue with pairing has been resolved.

I’m updating the app later this week with German translations and I will take a look at a problem with AUX selection which was reported by a user on the repository.

Will the Bose 500 soundbar also work with the Homey? I ask this because I see that Bose itself offers a different app for the Bose 500 than for the devices from the Bose soundtouch line.

I’m afraid the Bose 500 soundbar will not work with my Bose Soundtouch app. The Bose 500 soundbar uses a different type of API which my app does not support.

20 Mar 2019, 13:26 by athom@discoursemail.com:

Thanks for the update SlicingHaunt!
Could you give an example of how to set up a zone in which you pair two soundtouch speakers? I still get an error when adding slaves to zone.

Case: i want to pair my ST700 when turning on my ST20.

Should function. But if you are still receiving errors on the ‘create zone with’ and ‘add slave to zone’ like promise rejection, or something about getSettings on null then I would really like to know if you own a Homey from 2019 or a Homey Pro 2019.

If you want to add more speakers to the same zone, only the FIRST card should be create zone with, all the other cards should be add slave to zone.

Thanks! Yes I have the Homey from (early) 2019, 2.0.5 version.
I get the following issue: ‘Promise not defined’ when creating a zone.

Let me know if I can do some testing for the application!

You are not the only one with that problem.

This is fixed for my Homey in 2.0.5 but mine is from 2016. My best guess is that Athom maintains 2 software versions and that the fix for this problem wasn’t ported to the Homey 2019 products. I will contact Athom today.

Created a new issue on their github.

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Just figured out the problem…

The latest Homey app in the play store (and maybe app store but idk) breaks the device argument that gets passed in.

As of now, the fix is to use the web based flow editor (just tested this myself)

If you create the flows with the ‘create zone with’ and ‘add slave to zone’ cards in the webeditor it should be working fine (like I said, this resolves the issue for me). Don’t touch these flows with your mobile app until athom resolves the issue in the mobile app.

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Perfect! I can confirm this method works for the Homey 2019 version. Thanks @SlicingHaunt

I have connected the app on my Bose Cinemate but I can’t select the Source TV or SoundTouch. Would it be possible to add these sources? Thanks in advance!

It’s a half year ago, are there more sources available ?

HDMI(1) and HDMi(2) etc. would be nice.

Please see the following:

Bose Soundtouch 3.0 app is coming. In this update I changed the way Homey gets information from your speakers. Before this was done based on a polling mechanism. This basically made Homey ask every 5 seconds to one of your speakers, “hey whatsup?” and your speaker would tell what it’s volume status is, if it was playing something right now and what that album art might be. Why is that a problem? Well, if you sync the volume between speakers because you always pair speakers once you start playing something, the volume might take (in the worst case scenario, Homey just asked and now waits 5 seconds again) 5 seconds to update on your other speakers.

The new websocket mechanism basically reverses the process. The soundtouch speakers will now tell Homey if something changes instead of the other way around. This makes all changes instant, so volume changes can now be synced instantly and Homey can always tell you immediatly what track is playing.

The app is currently in Beta, and if everything is going right will be in the public channel later next week.