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Brel, bi-directioneel

I have the Brel DD-7002B Software version 1.1.6(210207)

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Thank you, where did you get it, price?
I have the multi unit remote.
Do you now have control of the up and down in Homey?

The hub is 119 euro on the website of raambekledingnederland for example. I didn’t had a response from Brel yet. I still have to contact them again to get the hub directly connected to homey.

I can trigger 3 scenes from homey via IFTTT and Amazon Alexa app as a work around.

Hi all,

Does homey also wor with the other hub from brel

Yes, It does

great , just ordered one for 69 euries

hi guys , if have got the DD-1554 hub. works fine however in homey still the problem that you cannot set a percentage on the window blinds only 100 or 0. Any news about that?


Today I installed the Brel hub including 3 blinds with only the till function, but because I made a mistake I had to reinstall everything, after that I no longer found the 3 blinds in the Brel home app in Homey app (I had removed these manually in Homey) :frowning:

Can someone help me whit a solution?

Have you already restarted Homey? A real PTP if necessary. (disconnect power for at least 11 minutes)
Simply resetting also helped me with not being able to find a deleted Hue sensor. Unplug Homey, wait 1 minute and plug it back in.
Let Homey start up quietly after resetting.