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BREL Motor Shutter preferred position


While creating a new flow I did find a new card for my shutters (Brel).

But it doesn’t react no matter what setting is been configured.
On Github are a few issues stated, but all of them are archieved. Latest reaction was september 2018.

Who knows how to get the “preferred position” card working?


Does have someone has a clue?

(just to kick this topic)


Did you actually “Set” a preferred position on your device?
For Somfy it is done with the “My” button, the “preferred position” only works then from fully up or fully down.


The preferred position is set. For Brel it works out of any position. Up or down doesn’s matter.
The action on the original remote is “hold down the stop button for 3 seconds”.


Just found out, the app is updated and it works now perfect.

Case closed, thank you Athom.

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