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Broadlink App for Homey.

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  • Homey

Use Homey together with Broadlink devices.

  • Supported devices

  • A1 - Environment Sensor

  • RM3 mini
    The RM3 Mini is a wifi to IR (infrared) device. It can learn IR commands and transmit them.

  • RM Pro - IR

  • RM Pro Plus - IR + RF

  • SP1 - power socket switch

  • SP2 - power socket switch with nightlight and meter

  • SP3S - power socket switch with meter

  • MP1 - 4 way power socket switch

Others will follow…

  • Reference

This app is based on the hard work of other people.



Hi there!

Will you be supporting the Hysen floor thermostats as well?
It is currently recognised as a Hysen product by your app.