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Yes exactly that.
I have an older 65" LG tv that i can’t connect with homey to get the status if it’s on or of and in another room a projector with the same issue. i use apple tv’s in both rooms.

Then my answer stays the same:

Use the signals to transmit. Not receive signals from a remote to start something!

Ok thanks for the tip!
Since it doesn’t work, like i think it is supposed to, i have no option but to find another way of solving this. If someone however is able to tell if you should be able to start a flow with a learned ir command, then please let me know.

I believe the intentional use of the RM3 is to send IR codes, not to receive IR (unless you are learning codes). Basicly, does the broadlink app have the functionality you wish?

Why do you want to catch the IR? What are you trying to do by means of homey? Why do you need the status of the tv?

I would like to press the home button of my Apple Tv remote and then start a flow that turns the lights off and my projector on. I would rather get the status of my apple tv somehow and start the flow but i didn’t find a solution for that either unfortunately.

So you just want to know your tv is on? Correct me when wrong

Sorry for dragging this out more than necessary.
Yes i want to know my tv or projector are on for the purpose of starting a flow.

Nah. U want to use the Apple remote to start a flow aye?

If u wanna know if the tv is on u can use a power plug and measure power on it. But that was not the question here?

thats why i got a bit confused.

@MrOsr So you mean… with the appeltjes remote you switching the tv on. But its has really nothing to do with the problem RIGHT? just want homey to know when the TV is on?

If so…long blabla blabla for a easy answer… and roco already mentiond the solution above.

Ok thanks for your time and advise guys.
The problem that i wanted to solve in this thread is indeed, as roco mentioned, that i want my rm3 mini to trigger a flow when it receives the ir signal (when pressing the home button) from my apple tv remote.
But of course i’m open to suggestions, so i’ll look in solution mentioned by roco.


Some effort

Good idea

Any update on the RM 4 Pro by any chance? :smiley:

How do I install the broadlinkred from the community store I see it but cannot click install. Sorry newbee

@Ron_Meijsen do you have the Homey community store app installed and are you logged in on the HCS website with your Athom account?

@MaxvandeLaar thanks for the help I have installed the windows installer. The cumminity app is now installed on my homey. The webpage asks me to log in on homey and creates a code which i have to enter on the command line. Question. Which commandline?
Sorry for the newbee questions, there is no documentation for this.


I’ll send you a private message. This forum topic is not for HCS and I don’t want to spam here as this is not related to the app.