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Broadlink App

I’ve looked at the community App Store and saw 2 versions of the app. Does the non red version of the community app work with the rmpro (rmpro3 I think)? Looking to update homey but I rely on the rmpro for some old fans and this app here doesn’t seem to be updated anymore.

The info is all there… how could you miss it :wink:
Nonred a.k.a. black version:

You’ll need the official app. rm pro is supported, rm3 pro also for what i understand.

:joy: I saw on the community App Store version about learning Rf on 2.0.2 which confused me lol. Shouldn’t seen the version went back to 1.0 with the removal of other devices.


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Im trying to add my broadlink pro to homey. I cant get the broadlink pro added to e control app
. I having no troubble adding it to regular broadlink app . And i know the ip of the device . (Chinese ver) isn the regular broadlink app not supported too adding device to homey ? Regards

Try this, maybe you’ll need the “red” version

Will there be support for the newer RM4 PRO the older models are hugely expensive and harder to get :cry:

I would like as well to know if there is any plan to support RM4 Pro model.