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I have RM4 mini and works fine with the Broadlink app from @Pieterv123.

Which app is that? The broadlink app just gives me an error when I enter the IP of RM4 pro.


Maybe you or someone else can help me out with this: I tried to install the BroadlinkRed app, but I’m not able to do so. Although I downloaded the Mac installer and granted acces to Homey, the ‘Install’ button on the download page is still greyed out. What am I doing wrong? I’ve searched through the Forum, but did not found a solution for my problem yet :-(. FYI: Yes, I’m on the same local network as my Homey and I’m trying to connect de RM3 Mini to my Homey with v5.02.

Thanks a lot for your help.



And u are sure u are logged in in the store?
If logged in u see ur homey on the top left with a green dot.


I found out what has gone wrong: the key I obtained for making the connection between HCS and Homey was not properly copied, therefore I had no connection between HCS and my Homey. I just was able to fix it and I have installed the BroadlinkRed app. I’m able to add the RM3 Mini to Homey, but not to learn any commands yet, so have to figure you why. I did removed the RM3 Mini from the Broadlink app itself. The RM3 Mini LED is quickly blinking now, so have to figure out what I have to do next.

Thanks so far!

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Got it all working. IR-commands learned and add some to a Flow. Great! Many thanks to @Pieterv123 and others who worked on the integration.


Thanks was able to add RM4 pro with this. Will test the commands next.

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Wow if RM4 Pro works then I’d be the happiest man alive :slight_smile:
Please keep us posted :slight_smile: