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Thanks for the Hysen support. Awesome!
Got 2 things I noticed.

  1. The sensor mode is not correct. When setting mode 0 for instance, it does not set it to 0 when looking at the settings in the thermostat. So something goes wrong there for me.
  2. I noticed other temps are showing than the sensor mode that is set. Not sure yet if it is good or bad, but when set as floor sensor as main, I still see the ambient temp (internal) as temperature in the device card. I would expect to see the floor temp then. When set at internal sensor, I would expect to see that temp there.

Tell me if you need more info! I will gladly text things out for you.
You made Homey more complete for me, thanks… Thanks. And thanks again :slight_smile:

on 1): I need to check this…
on 2): I think the logical way would be to show the measured temperature according to the sensor-mode. So, if sensor is ‘internal’, show the internal temp, if ‘external’, show the external temperature. On the sensor-view both will be shown.
To be changed in version 2.0.6


As a new user, I am a little disappointed with the product, I would like to ask for help.
Roller Shutter Remote Control was working with Broadlink RM PRO, but now I can’t teach the signal through Homey. He gets the signal, but the yellow LED flashes a little at the test and the shutter does not move.

did you get the time to test it?

Hi WesM,
yes I did test it :slight_smile:
however, the thermostat I got here does not have an external sensor, so it simply refuses to set sensor_mode. I did see though the wanted setting is sent to the device.
To be continued…

I have an RM Pro.
The Homey app correctly links to it and I have added many IR codes without problem.
When I add RF codes, however, following exactly instructions from homey and as per the advice in this forum, the codes appear to add to the app but when I try to deploy them in a flow they do not perform.
The remotes I am using are both 433mhz and are Energenie and GLStouch. Neither works.
What I notice is that using the app calling the code homey stored the RMpro gives a tiny weak pulse of red.
However when I changed the flow to make a web request for the same device (uses RMbridge) it correctly works with a strong red pulse from the RMpro.
Any advice welcomed.

Hi all, so almost after a half year from first request could somebody help me with broadlink tc2 wall switches? Could you please add them into broadlink homey app? they can be controlled via RMpro, I can do that by native broadlink app, but not with help of homey :frowning: please advice

Well, it’s not integrated into the broadlink app, and looking at the sources where the app is from on github, those library also do not support the TC2…
If you do not need the feedback, you can try learning the RF signal with RMPro maybe.
The Broadlink protocol is reverse engineered AFAIK so what function you can use within IHC is not accessible outside of the broadlink application…

@Remko does the RM3 or RM Pro support the KPN box?

Hi ,

I have a broad link rm pro but it will not learn my remote from ziggo media next box it’s Uses 433 rf

Is this not compatible?


Are you sure it uses 433Mhz? I read that it uses Zigbee.

Hi Robbert,

I’m not sure, I toucht I read it used 433mhz.

I’m gonna look into that. :slightly_smiling_face:

Thanks for your reply :+1:

Hi @Remko, bought a RM pro + and am trying to “learn” my fireplace signals (RF 433 Mhz) and this is where something strange happens:

First button (ON) worked as per manual: Keep pushing button, then push/release a few times, then finished and release. It is stored at number 1 as rf-cmd1 and works.
Then when I want to add additional buttons, sometimes it asks als previous steps, but sometimes it only asks to push it (first step), then Homey asks stop pushing and nothing further. In this situation it looks like Homey didn’t record anything.
Also in the device settings, not all learned commands are visible, whereas they are visible in the flow cards, see following screenshots:

rf-cmd5 looks like it is not there, but in the flow cards it is there:

I have tried several things (restart the Broadlink app, which sometimes led to a different list shown in the first screenshot) and also tried “Apparaat opnieuw authenticeren” => Yes in advanced settings and this sometimes looks to have the effect that a new button will have the 3 steps in learning (push-hold, push release, release).

Could this be a bug or is it otherwise a known thing? Above screenshot is made after restarting the Broadlink app. Before restarting, rf-cmd5 was shown at first position, rf-cmd1 was not shown and rf-cmd6 was not shown (all were visible and seem to work from within the flows).

Is there any way to increase the limit of 30 commands for the rm pro+?

I had, more or less, the same issue. Just bought a Homey and 2 Broadlink RM Pro+ and configured everything. Recorded a bunch of commands, both ir and rf and all worked well. After a few days when I wanted to make some adjustments to the flows I noticed that some commands were missing, some showed up only in flows and not in the Advanced settings of the devices… All flows seem to be working but I was unable to edit them as the corresponding commands no longer existed :frowning:

I googled this issue and found someone (maybe in this thread or perhaps it was somewhere else) who had a similar problem and seemed to conclude that the issue arose when adding more than one device to the Broadlink app in Homey. That person said that the problem was solved by manually installing a second Broadlink application and only having one device in each.

I have now tried this, makes no difference. Also even if I only add one RM PRO+ the problem still occurs. Basically it can be recreated by adding a device, storing a few IR-codes and then rebooting Homey 2 or 3 times. The list of commands will start to get corrupted then… It’s a real shame.

Anyone figured out why this is?

Do you have other unexpected/strange issues with Homey?

Not that I’m aware of.
I’m using about 10 apps or so, basic stuff like Nexa/Aqara/Samsung smart TV/weather sensors etc… All seem to be working just fine. Only seeing weird behaviour from the Broadlink app.

New to homey, perhaps there are some debugging that can be enabled?

For now I have solved it by creating a separate flow for every learned IR-code. Then instead of triggering the Broadlink command I trigger the flow containing the command. That way I can “store” the commands in flows that are never edited. A very ugly way but better than nothing…

Any thoughts?

Perhaps post an issue on Github?

Is anyone able to learn commands with the RM mini 3 since the broadlink update?

Yes, did last week. No problems