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Thanks for the Hysen support. Awesome!
Got 2 things I noticed.

  1. The sensor mode is not correct. When setting mode 0 for instance, it does not set it to 0 when looking at the settings in the thermostat. So something goes wrong there for me.
  2. I noticed other temps are showing than the sensor mode that is set. Not sure yet if it is good or bad, but when set as floor sensor as main, I still see the ambient temp (internal) as temperature in the device card. I would expect to see the floor temp then. When set at internal sensor, I would expect to see that temp there.

Tell me if you need more info! I will gladly text things out for you.
You made Homey more complete for me, thanks… Thanks. And thanks again :slight_smile:

on 1): I need to check this…
on 2): I think the logical way would be to show the measured temperature according to the sensor-mode. So, if sensor is ‘internal’, show the internal temp, if ‘external’, show the external temperature. On the sensor-view both will be shown.
To be changed in version 2.0.6


As a new user, I am a little disappointed with the product, I would like to ask for help.
Roller Shutter Remote Control was working with Broadlink RM PRO, but now I can’t teach the signal through Homey. He gets the signal, but the yellow LED flashes a little at the test and the shutter does not move.

did you get the time to test it?

Hi WesM,
yes I did test it :slight_smile:
however, the thermostat I got here does not have an external sensor, so it simply refuses to set sensor_mode. I did see though the wanted setting is sent to the device.
To be continued…

I have an RM Pro.
The Homey app correctly links to it and I have added many IR codes without problem.
When I add RF codes, however, following exactly instructions from homey and as per the advice in this forum, the codes appear to add to the app but when I try to deploy them in a flow they do not perform.
The remotes I am using are both 433mhz and are Energenie and GLStouch. Neither works.
What I notice is that using the app calling the code homey stored the RMpro gives a tiny weak pulse of red.
However when I changed the flow to make a web request for the same device (uses RMbridge) it correctly works with a strong red pulse from the RMpro.
Any advice welcomed.