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Broadlinkred App

This is the Thread for the unofficial Broadlinkred app in the Community store
All credits go to the original dev.


Hi! Any chance you can add support for the Clas Ohlson “SP4L-EU” outlet as it appears that the original developer of the Broadlink app has disappeared?

They work like the Broadlink SP2 but come up as an SPMini2 (OEM) when adding them to Homey and does not turn on or off when triggered.

After adding my new RM3 Red i can’t seem to get it to learn. The led will not blink, removing and re-adding won’t work. Also adding with compatibility mode on does not help. Any ideas anyone?

I use the broadlink red app and do have a red version since it gives me the error on the normal broadlink app.

(Edit, typo’s)

Make sure it is disconnected from the cloud or broadlink app

Thanks for your reaction, i guess the initial setup with the Broadlink app went wrong.

If someone else runs in to this:

I did ad the device to a room in the broadlink app.
After reinstalling the device into my network and closing the broadlink app at the moment you can select a room it does work.

I now see it is clearly stated in the broadlinkred homey app instructions that you should close the broadlink app at that moment.

Pieter123, thanks again… i messed up :blush:

Can you add RM4 Pro already using some kind of trick? :slight_smile: