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Broken spotify App


since a few weeks, I’m no more able to cast music by homey using Spotify app on spotify connect devices.
All was ok, and suddenly it does not work anymore, except occasionally…

Errors are ‘Rate limited’ or Device not found.

When this happends, i’m still able to use my phone to send the music using the same account to the same device (using spotify connect feature).

Homey support told me that the problem is on Spotify side…

Am i alone to be blocked by this ?
Do some of you manage to make Spotify work even without this app ? My son really likes the pushbutton that launches his music during shower time :wink:

Thanks for ideas or help :wink:

I have the same issue every day. Sometimes restarting the Spotify app on Homey fixes it, but it is far from stable. I use Spotify on an Onkyo receiver.

Does this happen with your own playlist and playlists from spotify themself. I had a not homey app which copied new numbers towards a playlist from myself. This suddenly stopped working because Spotify banned thus feature. Maybe there are more changes spotify made?

in my case i use my playlists. With Homey app you always have to specify what to play. i do not see playlist made by Spotify there.

As Tycho said, a restart from the app solves the problem temporary.

Same for me.
Rate limited error comes quite often and I barely can control my Bose 700 Soundbar.