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Calculation of variables (Logic or better Logic)

Anyone an idea how to perform some advanced calculations fot variables?

I would like to round the number at max 2 decimals

i’ve done some trial-and-errorring with Logic and better logic

$round(<number, 2)
math.round(, 2)
{{$math.round(, 2)}}

thus far no succes

{{round (Tag inserted here,2)}}


Now the volume of the Top2000 on all the Sonos in the house increases or decreases nicely proportional

anywhere I can find a tutorial for these kind of syntaxes?
I’ve searched the community and Google but I get Lost

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Same here. I searched my ass off, but very little examples…
I’m looking for creating an array of names.
Like {{random(round(1,10))}} results in a number between 1 and 10.
How about a random pick between John, Ben, Julie, Jill?