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Can i create a flow or virtual button witch will start a routine?

I want to create virtual button who will start a specific device from my google home ( my app is boiler app that is not supported by homey, but yes with google home) how can i make it work?

The only way i could think on was using soundbar app to let homey say:

“Hay google turn on the boiler”

But i want something more elegant and silent…

plz help
the more i think about it, the more usage i find for this ability

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You most likely have no other option than to let Homey say Hey Google turn on…

Or your boiler must have some other way of controlling it (IR or RF remote control).

Iwes so hopefull that there is a way…
This is very useful idea… I wish somone can make something like this…

I can control my boiler
He has an app and all and i used to contorl it with home assistant
But i wanted to do it with homey…

This is my boiler device