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Can I use Apple iCal with Homey?



I think the question is clear. Everywhere I read the use of google calendar but I’m using Apple calendar.


Something like this?

If so, why didn’t you just do a search at apps.athom.com like I now did for ya?


Yes you can. Ical isn’t something specific for Google or apple. It’s just a format. There is this app (that Michael explained) that will be able to read your agenda.

Just be sure there is a public link to it and your good to go.


I think I do something wrong. In iCloud I have selected agenda and Public checked (see attachment). I have the URL in iCalendar to Voice settings copied (see attachment). Now I have a flow created, unfortunately I get errors (see attachment).

What am I doing wrong? Can someone give me a hand?



I think that you need to change the webcal:// to https:// or http:// for it to work.


Jeroen, this doesn’t work.


I experience the same problems as Matt. I’ve been trying for months to create flows based on appointments in my Apple calendar, but adding an Apple calendar with the public web link doesn’t create a working solution.


Sorry but I can’t help because I’m not aware of how Apple exactly does provide the icall. My thought would be that if it would be available from the web the icall app could read it. Obviously not :frowning: