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Can you live with Homey without worrying


I mean GA


That’s BS. Firstly based on responses here I suspect Alexa is
more popular than Google assistant/home in netherlands hence Homey
can get away with not full support.

Also Alexa is mostly US/UK. Rest of the world (particularly
Asia including Singapore, Hongkong, Korea , Japan etc) Google
home is king. Alexa is officially supported in far fewer places
than Google home.

Alexa is a insecure piece of software, so many incidents of
privacy breaches.

Googles superiority in AI is starting to tell…


@Groundhog, clearly this is a sensitive topic to you, i’m sorry if I have upset you by suggesting that there are much more alexa’s shipped then google homes, perhaps we should just stick to the topic at hand. Perhaps there was also a misunderstanding of my use of :stuck_out_tongue:

The figures are different from estimates Strategy Analytics published earlier this month. Strategy Analytics still showed that Google made a big dent in Amazon Echo market share, but said Amazon shipped 4 million units while Google shipped 2.4 million Google Homes.


depending on which data you trust …

in any case they are very close.

But I am 100% sure , outside of US and UK , if you see a smart speaker it will be Google’s not Amazon.

But I guess you are Amercian and think only US counts right?


Why so hostile?


@Groundhog, I have no opinion regarding your personal preference of iphone vs android, or mac vs pc, or burger king vs mcDonalds, or finally Google home vs Alexa.

I have apologised for my tongue in check comment regarding Google home, and for personally upsetting you.

I hope we can remain friends, now please stick to the topic.


Amazon has support for a number of languages including English and German.
In the English language It appears to have dialect/accent support for numerous variations. Including Australian, now could this be true?

But it is true, if you have plans or use for a google home (mini), then Homey is not for you.
Dutch or English, never mind the language or dialect.