Can't add Zigbee (Xiaomi) devices anymore




I’ve been using Xiaomi devices for a couple of months now without problems. I paired some buttons, window sensor, several temperature sensors all without problems ans still working without issues.

Recently I bought a few new sensors (button, cube, window sensor) but I can’t pair not one of them. Sometimes only the instruction to push the reset button appears, most of the time the 'adding device" page is showed but after a while ‘no zigbee decive found’ error.

Homey en Xiaomi Mi Zigbee ap are up to date en tried paired at several distances from Homey.

Does someone have a sollution?


What did you try yourself to get it working again?? restart homey ? or a ptp? does it work again after that?


Sorry, forgot to mention. Yes, I restarted Homey (more than once). And PTP’ed more than a minute (also several times)

I’ve got the problems about 2 weeks, so also before the last Homey update. I have many apps running (26) but that was also the case when it was working. I removed soms barely used apps and disabled another but also no difference.

Between working en now I installed the Xiaomi Mi Home app for a robot vacuum and Luxaflex PowerView app.

During pairing I also tried keeping the device awake while pressing the reset/include button every few seconds.


I read somewhere, that a ptp should take a bit longer then 1 min, so try to do for example 10-15 min


how many devies (Zigbee) have you been using, and how many are Router devices??


I excluded 3 Philips Hue Dimmer Switches, PTP 1 minute and then I included one Xiaomi button. Then a PTP of 25 minutes. Try to include a Xiaomi Cube but got aan ‘something went wrong’ error. Just PTP’ed 1 hour but including not working

11 EndDevices and 1 router (lightbulb).Do I need more router devices?


To create a good mesh its better to have some more powerd devices yes.

Including has nothing to do with the mesh, you need to add them very close to homey and i guess you do that right?


I added another light als router. In the past I included from several meters away but when I failed I tried at less that a feet.


I think for now is the best you can do is to create a github isseu.

or someone else must have a sullotion for you.


20 devices for each router I guess is max


I’m away from home for a few days. Than I test again and start a github topic. I did already with the Xiaomo app but no response.

Now i’ve got 2 routers + Homey for 10 EndDevices. That shouldn’t be a isue then I presume.


depends on where you place the routers, but alsdo depends on your house. the more routers the better.

Personaly i would place at least one router in every room


Thanks! For stability I’ll reposition the routers!


I am facing the same issues. Adding Zigbee devices is a pain since I got over 30 devices. Those 30 devices include 4 Plugwise routers. In developer settings I see a mesh buildup. So Homey is not fully occupied. Adding devices works best when I am in my shed (1 plugwise router) with very poor wifi signal.
My wifi uses channel 1 and 6 so I am not interfering zigbee channel 11.