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I am working on an app to integrate your Cascambi network with Homey, so you are able to operate your lights via its Gateway via your Homey Flows and App


That would be great. I am using Occhio in combination with Casambi. I am also using a Homey and would be really interested to see the two integrated. If I can provide some support by testing, please let me know.

Just got a new apartment with a lot of Casambi lights (classic network). Any progress on your effort?

Unfortunately not yet, while I was too busy at work. However maybe I find some time in the coming days while I have holiday.

I can already query all casambi devices, I still need to implement the login /settings screen, which consist of 3 items (username, password and apikey) and then implement the illumination-device for homey to control via a web socket.