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CCT (WW+CW) LED strip in Homey

Hey all,

My new kitchen comes with a couple of cold white + warm white led strips, so called CW/WW or CCT. I’m aiming to have these strips installed in my lighting flows. Unfortunately, the current drive from Sunricher is not supported in Homey.

Here is the setup that I would like:

  • 1 zone for multiple led strips (3 in total)
  • simple remote control (optional)
  • fysic wall button, I prefer a simple Gira pulse-button like I use for my Fibaro Dimmer 2’s
  • zigbee or Z-Wave connection to Homey

Could you help me with a possible solution? Thank you in advance!

On AliExpress I found this setup, do you this this would do the job?
€ 6,02 30% Off | Ww Cw Led Controller 12V 24V 36V 2CH 16A 2.4G Draadloze Afstandsbediening Rf Led Dimmer schakelaar Voor Cct Daul Wit Led Strip Licht

Hoping to hear from you, thanks!

Did you tried/see the EasyLighting App?

Did anyone fixed this already? I don’t find the solution… :sweat:

I just bought some Gledopto GL-C-006P controllers. Apart from the fact that I can’t manage to light up the LED strips, this controller isn’t currently supported by Homey?