Chacon devices


Hello !

I have some some Chacon (the brand) plugs. I was a little bit disappoint to not be able to use them with my brand new Homey (No app for Chacon devices and the way to record signal from Homey didn’t work for me…).


I’ve tried the KlikAanKlikUit app and it’s a success for me !

Chacon RSL366R-F works with/like KlikAanKlikUit Par-1000

So If you install KlikAanKlikUit app and add Par-1000 device, you’ll be able to use your Chacon RSL366R-F.

I don’t have any other Chacon models to test the compatibility but if you do, I can update information in this post !

Maybe this info can help some of you :slight_smile: I




I use my Byron mp3 doorbell button with the KAKU “ACDB-7000C Remote” “app/driver”… :grinning: