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Change alarm clock time


I’m using Homey to wake my family every morning, checking for if it’s a weekday or weekend.
I’m also using a IFFT flow that set a boolean variable as true if my calender contains “vacation” that day, and disables the wake-up flow.

However I’d like to be able to put a google calender booking with a custom alarm time instead of only being able to turn the alarm off using the vacation variable.
My idea was to create a IFFT flow that sends the calender event time to Homey, which works fine, but I get an textual variable of the form “January 21, 2019, at 06:30 AM”, or if i use the description field I can get a textual variable of the form “6:30”.

However I can’t use these as inputs to the clock trigger to start the wake-up flow at the specified time.

How can I extract the time and trigger the wake-up flow at a custom time, instead of the standard time?