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Cheapest smart curtains?


One additional question - I see the Xiaomi controller appears to come with bare wired ends - does this need to go to a transformer or safe to wire directly into UK 240v supply (probably on a spur to be safe I guess, or plug with fuse)


AC 230V directly in my case.


Have a look here: https://www.domotica-blog.nl/post/automatiseren-gordijnen


Hi Vaderag, I hope you are as bad as I of your answers.
The answers you got tells me that this people are completely
high, If I ask for a cheep solution so shall I have it!

So, I will give you a solution, it is a Swedish firm, and I will think
you have to pay 250 dollars. And for that price you will get ten
units, so one unit will cost you 25 dollars.
I have wonder what people answer here, maybe they don´t know
anything about electric and electronic stuff.
Here is the name of the Swedish company:
Best regards


Haha, I think some fool said something about that your expensive curtains
need expensive stuff, what a shit talk, you will do best google for the stuff you want,
and the most you can order from China to a much lower cost than in EU.
I have Homey, and I like it, but before I used X10 and the windows program for the
modules, it could do this if, then, else too so this thing with modern smart home is maybe
thirty years old.


High @Bjorn_Bark (pun intended)

The solution Teptron offers is known by Homey users. It is not made to control curtains. The question asked in this thread is about curtains, not blinds.


In this thread I was asking about curtains. I do need blind automation too however - will that work with plain string blinds? And with Homey?


Hallo Vaderag,

You can take a look here www.teptron.com. There is no Homey app yet.


If you are a smart hommaker, you know as well as I that you have

to use your head, your imagination? As I said so have I 30 lamp and

apliancemodules with x10 protocol, and with that software I have done

exactly the same things as I do now with Homey, for curtains or blinds you

only need a motor where you can put a rope, I often wonder why you make

everything more complicated than it is?

Ok, I use 4 Teptron for blinds, it works for me, thank you.

Best regards to you all out there


Ps, I have ir- sensors, house alarm, Door switches from x10 too.


@Bjorn_Bark I’m not sure why you respond in this way; please keep it respectful.
We’re here to help each other.

If you have different ideas or suggestions, they are more then welcome, but again brought in a respectful way.



Send them a mail

Regards Bjorn


Ok, I am an engineer, maybe I think different, I don´t know.

But if you need something that should drag a curtain up or down, or

blinds from left to right? It is the same thing, or am I missing something here?

Yes, some modifications you have to do.

Sorry, but when a man ask for a cheap solution and got answer for that with costs

about 500 to 700 dollars?

I am going to shut my mouth down.

just wanted to help, but I know about forums, instead of helping people, they often

will tell them otherwise.

Best regards



As mentioned, I am / we are interested in any possible solutions we might not have thought about…

The only thing I am asking, is to do it in a respectful way; so not calling someone with a different suggestion a fool…


That is not needed. Please feel free to share your suggestions and ideas. Just be gentle in the way you phrase them. People might offer other solutions. That does not make them ‘fools’ or ‘high’.

I myself had a cheaper solution to open my curtains and now have a more expensive one. The price was less of an issue.


Sorry, you have absolutely right, my mistake.

Love you all.



Yes Ernst, I am very sorry.

I will stay to facts.

Once again, sorry.

Best regards Bjorn


Now when you mention Teptron and are so happy for them, why dosen’t you make an app for Homey?


haha, not so very fond of Teptron, but they are inexpensive.

Regards Bjorn.


And that it has Z-wave is a plus.


A nice and cheap alternative is to us a electric screwdriver, the one you can get

ten dollars, they are strong enough but you have to lower the voltage a bit if

it is noisy, I use this idea in my homecar for the beds so I can lift up the headend

when sitting there and reading or surfing after more skit on the market.

I use a trapets bar with nut for milling machines, the nut fasten in bed and

the trapets bar on a nearly 90 degrees angelgear and then the strong screwdriver.