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Cheapest smart curtains?


Teptron is nothing but trouble. And zwave supprt is non existant. A lot of people call them thieves…


It is much better with a cheap electric screwdriver for 10 pound.

Regards Bjorn


Sounds like the long and short of it is that if you want smart curtains, Slide or Xiaomi Aqara

If you want smart blinds then there aren’t many retrofit solutions that people trust…


For those looking at the Teptron solution I suggest having a very close look at their site and other internet comments before committing $ / €. While the Bluetooth version is in production, their z-wave product was crowd funded via Indiegogo. A close look at the comments on that site will show it is still very much under development with delivery some time away. Good luck.


I actually just bought one on eBay, got it for ~£30 which I can probably make back if it’s rubbish - another one from the same seller went for £50

Will report back when it arrives


That will be the Bluetooth version. Interested in knowing how it goes, esp if can integrate with Homey.


Yeah, I know. If it works well then i shouldn’t really need to integrate (tho always nice) - comes with a solar panel apparently so think that sounds should allow automatic operation when dark and Alexa when not…


Let us know here how it goes. I contributed to the z-wave version via Indiegogo so waiting, and waiting … and … waiting… Bluetooth maybe the only option.


So far not so good. It’s a ‘refurbished’ one (i.e. used), seller was supposed to provide batteries but didn’t and doesn’t seem to work with any batteries that I try
Usb seems to work but no good for me where I want to use it

Amazon delivering some NiMH batteries tomorrow so will try them but if that fails it goes back…


Ikea smart blinds confirmed


I use Somfy RTS battery operated rails. They are very quiet and so far (6 months) still on the first charge.
I wish they had two way communication as Homey gets out of sync and I wouldn’t say they were cheap.
I did have a cheap, mains powered, infrared controlled rail for a few years but that was very loud. It would make everyone jump when operated lol
I would also be interested to hear what others are using along with comments about them.


Hi Guys,
Just wanted to share with you my personal experience.
I have bought some tubular motors from Dooya via Ali-x-press and they are just GREAT
The integration into Homey went seemlessly, so I can only recommend them.

If you are looking to buy a tubular motor from Dooya, I can stronly recommend “My garden house store”
link: https://nl.aliexpress.com/store/3680030?spm=a2g0z.12010608.0.0.620b65f2k3p8SA

The seller is really responsive, knowledgable and helpfull.
The items have been shipped after one day and arrived in Europe (Belgium) in four days.
5-star service!

If you have questions, send me a PM.
Best regards.

Ikea slimme rolgordijnen
Jaloezieen smart




Which motor did you buy? There’s a very wide variety of Dooya motors:


I have venetian blinds, I’ve bought the DV24 motor.
There is a quite extensive cataloge on the dooya website.

o yes, do not order the “LE” ones. They cost 18USD extra to ship. Because of the internal batteries.


Alright, I took my chances and ordered a first set of ceiling mounted center closing motorized curtains. I bought the Xiaomi Aqara Zigbee curtain motor and the Xiaomi Aqara curtain track.

The width of my room spans 427cm so I asked the seller to cut two pieces of 212.5cm, making a length of 425cm. So far he told me this is not a problem. He will also make sure the indicated value will be under €150,- because of Dutch customs, but the tracks were 135,- and separately bought motor €70,-, so this shouldn’t be a problem anyway.

As far as I can see, the motor has an included power cord, but I need to connect my own power plug. This is not inconvenient since I need to have the cord run down from the ceiling to the floor anyway and add at least another meter of cord.

I noticed three supporting apps for Homey in the App Store. Is the picking just a personal preference?

I bought my curtain at Fanci Blinds store and my motor with Mijia smarthome store. I’ll keep you posted on the delivery and installment.

/edit: the Mijia company never shipped, so I ordered with the lower mentioned company.


Really curious about this, my living room is also exactly 427cm wide :smile:
Keep us informed! :wink:


I have 3 of these motors installed. Works great in flows. If I set the position manually in the App, I occasionally get a ‘time-out’ error. @TedTolboom - the developer - is aware of this.

You need the Zigbee App to control them.


Right. So my curtain rails came in two days ago and I’ve mounted them to the ceiling. The motor isn’t here yet, so I’ll make another update when it is all operational.

The package was a long tube and I needed to pay the UPS delivery guy €28,- for customs. This raised the price of the 425cm rails to €167,-

Well packaged. No damage.

Parts and spare parts. There were two extra small pieces of track to extend the track when needed. Very convenient. My rails were cut 2cm shorter than the order, but I decided not to put in an extra piece of track.

The trackband is already cut to size and fitted. It needs some fiddling to get it in the track when you fold the track straight. The two parts (each 211,5 cm including the motorparts) connect with the connection rod. Think beforehand on which side the four screws need to be.

Assembled view.

Exact size. (So 2cm shorter, but with included spare parts to extend)


Installation detail.

There is an official Installation video you can use. You need to drill three holes for each clamp. Best done using a laser to put them in line.