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Cheapest smart curtains?

Alright. The curtain motor from the Mijia smarthome store never shipped and the company never responded, so I filed a dispute with AliExpress and got my money returned. I ordered the same motor with SZHYJ store and got the motor within two weeks. I asked them to put a low customs value on the package, so they put $20,- and there was no extra customs tax before I got it.

Connecting the motor is easy. Just release the switch, put it on, and put back the switch.

After connecting the power (you need to connect your own plug, so I disassembled an unused power strip and used the cable + plug) you can add it in Homey (with the Xiaomi app installed). When connecting, you need to pres the bottom button for just over 5 seconds to match it with Homey:

It will pop up with the proper image:

It allows in the app for three positions:

When opening and closing the motor will look the first time for the maximum positions for open and close. If you somehow mess that up, there is always an option to reset the motor by removing the cover and pressing the reset button over 10 seconds:


Since I prefer to run all devices by voice I made two simple flows. One to open and one to close with the same voice command. I’ll include daylight later:


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Nice, thanks for the update!

Any chance of a video or some pics of the completed setup? Would love to see how it runs and noise level

There you go.


Google Assistant on my phone started when you said ‘hey google’ :smile:

The engine seems pretty silent but does the rail make a squeaky sound?

Great, thanks!

Is there a slight squeal on the rail?

Also, can you vocalise halfway or any setting other than open/close? Is this just down to setup of flows?

About half a year ago I replaced my 3 Kallox rails with the Xiaomi Zigbee rails. Am happy with them,…but…:wink:

…be aware that the curtains still cover al lot of wall/window when fully opened! In my mind, this was less with Kallox.

Yes, there are also options to make flows to get them halfway opened.

Can I confirm that the mi curtain motor works with homey? Do you need a xaomi Bridge at all? Or just homey?

The Xiaomi Mi, or actually the Aqara Curtain controller (official name) works directly with Homey over it’s Zigbee network; no need for a Xiaomi / Aqara Hub

I intended to order the curtains from xiaomi. ‘Fortunately’ I saw just in time that a newer version comes on March 15th. Hopefully they will then be sold quickly via Aliexpress.



Thanks for the heads up!

Hi Gruijter,

Did you received the Slide yet? And if you did, are you satisfied with the product? I’m considering to buy one but I’m still in doubt.

still waiting… The first batch was about to be shipped out, but I guess I’m in the second batch :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Hope it’s worth the wait and that it will be there soon. Keep us posted :slight_smile:

@Upsilon and @Gruijter you may have read my positive story on Homey 2.0.0 Community App Compatibility List

I have installed 3 Slides last friday. It is worth the wait. I am fully satisfied with the way they work. I received mine before the manuals were ready but even with my 2 left hands I managed to install them in under 15 minutes.
Check my video:

This was the first test after the first installation. If you look closely, the app on my Ipad shows an error because they were still working on the backend.
Another thing you might notice, is that the curtains don’t fully close. I thought I installed it the wrong way but I just had one curtain part that leans on the wires, after I moved it the wires were not visible anymore and it now is completely dark when closed.

The routines you can add in the app work well, I have my curtains in the living room close 30 minutes after sunset and open at sunset. However, I will make that go through Homey soon because when my windows are open the curtains can’t close automaticly. I have doorsensors to see if they are open or closed.

If you want to see or know anything else related to Slide, let me know!


@Jorden thank your for all this information! It looks very nice and good to know that it will work with homey 2.0.

Do you know of the Slides that are still available at indiegogo.com are the same as the are selling now? (Because that would save me some money haha :stuck_out_tongue: )

Yeah there is only 1 Slide, no differences in type between Kickstarter, Indiegogo and when they will become available in store (I think).
I think you’ll need some more patience when you order though; first batch was just sent out, few more batches before all preorders are done. I think they are expecting and awaiting some negative feedback from the first batch, they will process that and then send out the second batch in a few weeks.
(Feedback mostly related to the app, instruction manuals and such).

Ok thanks. I thinks I’ll just have to wait. I see that they are available for pre-order on https://nl.goslide.io/ at €299. So better to order the perk at indiegogo for €219 haha.

AHHHH… my button finger is hovering over the order button!!!

Hahaha, indeed :smile: