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Cheapest smart curtains?

@Jorden I received my Slide today and had it up and running without any major issues (some small ones related to the app but was able to sort it out with Kaj, great guys!). The Slide is also very quiet, more than I expected.

Now waiting for your Homey-app, hopefully you get the information from IIM soon so I can connect it to Homey! Should you need someone to test it please let me know, happy to help!

Little update about the new smart curtains of Xiaomi:

I have not yet found them on Aliexpress

Review of the new Aqara B1 curtain controller

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FYI, Slide app working with the “final” Slides is now available:

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@Jorden Great, it seems to work. Although sometimes I get an error that the app stopped working but after sometime and/or restarting it, it comes back.

Also what does ‘schuif rechts om te sluiten’ means or should do? When I swipe to the right nothing happens? Or is that WIP?

That text was actually for the previous version, where the slider was still horizontal. It’s now actually “Slide up to close”.

I have made a new update last friday and submitted it to the appstore for approval which changes the text. The crash you are experiencing is probably also solved in that version.

But I am soon going to investigate some other options, because I think I can improve the app. Right now, Homekit sees 8% closed as 8% open I think, so I need to reverse that. And I am using the “Dim” option because that was exactly what I needed, but it now shows in the app as “Dim” instead of “Open/close”.

Ok, thanks for all the quick updates. Will await the next version and if issues arise I will let you know.

BTW, is there already a seperate topic for the Slide app under the Apps sections, I believe not? I assume it would be better to discuss/talk about your app there instead of in this thread? I know I need to look here but new users will probably first search the app section (also the word ‘slide’ is so generic it gets a lot of hits when searching the forum…).

Created one, thanks for the tip :slight_smile:

For the people that are waiting for the new aqara b1 curtain controller, probably in June:

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The new controller can now be purchased on Aliexpress.
I ordered two pieces of the controller and I bought the new rails at another shop also on Ali.

Are there other people here who are going to order this new controller?

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I have set an order. Looking forward to test it out!

Please keep in mind that the B1 curtain controller is not supported (yet)…

with the magnitude of “yet” not being defined, but likely not before September

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Isn’t it possible to use the Xiaomi app and select Aqara curtain controller?
There where some changes like battery and finetuning but in the protocol I don’t think so?

@Wouter642 I understand the reasoning, but no that is not likely.

Aqara is currently updating and even certifying their devices according to the Zigbee 3.0 standards. Which is good, because it will improve the interoperability of these devices.

That will change the firmware and thereby the interaction between curtain controller and Homey = new driver implementation.
In order for me to build the new driver, I will need to have the new device myself and have the time to build and debug the driver.

Like mentioned above, time will be the most constrained.
Based on previous experience, there will be sufficient people willing to contribute to investing into these devices (new curtain controller and roller shutter)…

@TedTolboom Thanxx for explanation.

I am also a developer, possibly I can help you with the new implementation

After one week the new B1 curtain controller arrived. !

B1 control settings

Fast delivery, my orders where cancelled by the Sellers. Which shop did you buy?

From this source:


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Do you get it working with the current Xiaomi app and homey?