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Chromecast flow


I want to make flow for the chromecast video.

So if chromecast is casting (playing) a video, then it has to start another flow called “film kijken” (which I all ready made)

I am trying to figure this one, but I can’t exactly get it right.


If a device is playing is not a trigger (when) but a condition (and). So you would need a “when chromecast starts playing” as a trigger which isn’t there. Or you would need a condition : “when chromecast is playing” with a timed trigger (every x minutes/seconds). Maybe connect a plug on your chromecast-powerplug and act on that?


Chromecast does have a tag that s called “playing” (the top one see screenshot) so you could make a flow based on a chaged contition of that flag


Can u give us an example of a flow then? With a trigger that Chromecast started playing?


Not in FW2.0 with Chromecast 3.1.4 ? There’s only tis tag for a condition:


Problem is I can’t make a flow how I want it. So I am looking for a work around. Maybe a ifttt thing, but also there i could not figure out how and what.

The flow must have a layout more or less like this.

If chromecast is playing/casting then start flow “film kijken”

But as I see this now I probably have to make several flow in order to get what i want.


Didn’t manage to use the tag ‘playing’ which is possible to find under ‘And’. My workaround is to have a plug with power meter connected to the receiver (!) which turns on when the hdmi signal turns on. Not maybe the most beautiful solution but it works just fine.

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I’m actually looking for a solution for this myself.


  • I use an app on my phone to watch tv (Yugo from Telenet)
  • I have an Nvidia Shield connected to my TV to which I cast my tv show/movie.

I would like to be able to automatically dim the lights/change color when I start watching something and turn the lights back up when I pause or stop watching.

I tried using the “playing” tag while watching something, but it did not return the expected result. Feels like that only works when it’s playing something which is being casted by the chromecast app on Homey itself instead of a general “is something playing on this chromecast enabled device”.
I also tried searching for an IFTTT flow, but no luck so far.
I also cannot use a power meter as my Nvidia Shield is also used to play games/watch youtube/listen to Spotify/etc

Anyone got any ideas?