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Chronograph - Adds precise timer, stopwatch and transition functionality to Homey

And in English? This post is held in English, sorry.

Hi maker, nice piece of work this app.
Some practical examples would be highly appreciated (from start to finish) I’m trying to a HUE lamp to dim from 0 till 100% but can’t figure out how to make the flows.
Can’t find any examples that starts me off. (from start to finish)
This dumb newby can’t figure out when to use a timer or a stopwatch or a transition.
All help is highly apricated.


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Hi, not exactly the same, but the following flows I use as an alarm clock: when the alarm goes off a radio channel is played on the chromecast. A transition slowly changes the volume from very soft to 35%, and after one hour the stream is stopped. The transition should not be much different from what you need for your hue light: