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Chronograph - Adds precise timer, stopwatch and transition functionality to Homey

Then you have a device showing the info. Installed it one time to show a stopwatch, didn’t work so well.

When a timer starts running, I see the timer between my devices. This timer completely crashes the app. With difficulty removing this timer, also having to restart homey 2 x. Don’t use the timer anymore :roll_eyes:

Groeten François

Haha warned you :joy:

Would be nice if something is done about it. Can’t use all of the app right now

Groeten François

I performed two tests:

This flow is started / At a certain time of day

Delay of 5 s has passed

Text to speak

Both flows worked.
I don’t know what the problem could be.
Have you tried a shorter delay?

Btw, with the Sun Events App you can set an offset of +/- 60 minutes for sun events.
It’s not the solution for the Chronograph App but it’s an other way.

Thank you for doing a test.

Yes I saw this App but I thought it is not necessary to download this App for only this delay.

With a shorter delay it is working. Maybe 30 minutes are to much or I am too impatient

I don’t think so, you have already tried it 3 times.
I started a retest with 30 minutes delay (triggered by the time), I will inform you.

I will try it again too.

This time I will set a notification before I start the delay, so I will see what time the flow triggers exactly.

Indeed, it doesn’t work with a delay with 30 min.

@BobKersten, is this an issue or is there a maximum delay time?

Another workaround: use the standard delay option in the Then part.

For sunrise/sunset timing it is also an alternative with app Sun Events | Homey

Hey guys,

I tried to use this app to start a dimming procedure for my hue lights.
In the future, I want to use a Shelly 1 to start a flow to dim te lights when the button is pushed. Right now I don’t have a Shelly installed.

I used the next flows:

When I start the first flow, nothing happens, until I stop the transition and then the dim level changes of the light.

Is it possible to actually see the light dim during the time period the flow is running?

EDIT: if I change the transition values to max 2 steps per second and not more than about 30 steps it seems to work. It works even better if I let a variable store the transition value and change the dimming of the light according to the change of the variable.
Is it possible to do more steps per second? So I can mimmick a dumb rotary dimmer or pulse switch?

I can’t find how to set up my walli dimmer to dim from 0 to 60 in 20 seconds.

Here is the flow:
When light is on


Shouldn’t it be as simple as that?

Your flow updates the tag value but doesn’t set your dimmer to the new value.
Make a second flow with “when” tag value changed “then” set dimmer to the new value.

I set another flow test2
with “when” tag value changed “then” set dimmer to the new value.

But it s not working.

The when clause should not use transition started, but transition reached a step. What you did only does the first step. And the then step should use the local tag with the transition value for the luminocity, not a constant 13%. And last but not least: dimming values are 0 to 1 (as in 1=100%) so the transition should not run from 0 to 60 but from 0 to 0.6 to make it all work.

I’m on homey 5.0 but i can’t add a new timer, stopwatch or transition. The message is “No new devices found”

First you have to use the functions (timer, stopwatch or transition) in flows to be able to add a “device”.
As far as I know, the devices shows only the status or the time of the selected timer, stopwatch or transition. So in my opinion there is no need to add a Chronograph “device”.
But maybe other users can give useful examples.


That would do the trick

Hi, is it possible to see the timer in minutes in a button on the dash?
now shows like this