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Clas Ohlson, WiFi Smart Plug


I recently bought the Homey v2. And wanted to pair my WiFi smart plug from Clas Ohlson.
But couldn’t find a app on Homey for it. After some more research about the WiFi plug, i found out that it was originally a Broadlink plug and was branded to Clas Ohlson.
So the solution to pair it with my homey was to:

  1. Configure the WiFi plug with the “CO Home” app.
  2. Find the IP of the WiFi plug trough the router. The WiFi plug will come up with a name like “BROADLINK_OUTLET”.
  3. Download Broadlink app on the Homey.
  4. In Homey: Add device, Broadlink, SP2. Then input the IP of the WiFi plug you want to add.
Broadlink App

Nice work! Thanks for letting us know :slight_smile: