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Clearing device timeline


I can’t delete the timeline entries from my devices. Tried to clear them via settings, notification but that doesn’t work.
Is there anaother way to clear the device timeline?


works for me:


That is working for me too but it’s each device timeline that I cannot clear. Could you please check your Homey if your device timeline can be cleared. Thanks.


I think that can’t be deleted? You could file a request at Athom… I like that timeline BTW, hope it gets back to insights…


swipe left on each item.

EDIT: sorry. that doesn’t work on the device timeline.


It does something on my phone : starts some process which completely renders my phone unusable for a minute until the app crashes …


Works for me on an iPhone. Swiping left on better logic, clicking the crossed dot, done.


Also on the device timeline?


Ah! If I click an item it shows the exact time and date of the event. The configuration wheel only shows me remove device (which I don’t want to try) and swiping an event only rubberbands the whole screen.

Hmmm. This might take up quite a bit of disk space after a while. Clearing those logs, or configuring the amount of history the homey keeps seems like a sensible thing to do…


i thought to have read that these device logs were limited until the last 50 actions. :thinking:

meaning that earlier actions are removed


I just checked that. Correct. There’s no more than 50 entries in that log. So I don’t see a reason to configure or clear that log. Unless… you need to hide an entry in the cookie jar logged by the Xiaomi Aqara vibration sensor :wink:


Thanks for your responses, good to known there is at least a limit.