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[Community Survey] Homey v5 ZigBee Health check and statistics collection (HomeyScript)

reporting : 0,“00124b0005f0e230”,3,false,“Homey (Early 2016)”,“5.0.4”,0,11,0,2,“2.6.3”,6,4,2,2,2,2,true,"#",0,4,2 , $

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After resetting Homey, here is a new report:

reporting : 10,“00124b00183e2fd4”,3,false,“Homey Pro (Early 2019)”,“5.0.4”,0,11,0,2,“2.6.3”,2,2,0,1,1,0,false,"#",0,2,0 , $

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…also joing “after ZigBee reset” club :

reporting : 10,“00124b001b44530e”,3,true,“Homey Pro (Early 2019)”,“5.0.4”,0,12,0,2,“2.6.3”,61,15,46,5,24,14,false,"#",0,11,40,7,3 , $

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I am also one of the “after Zigbee reset” club.
This is my new report:
> reporting : 9,"00124b001b44558e",3,true,"Homey Pro (Early 2019)","5.0.4",0,11,0,2,"2.6.3",26,13,13,8,15,6,false,"#",0,11,14 , $
I changed my happiness level as well, cause I found out how fast devices include since V5 + since the zigbee reset lights turn on quicker when motion is detected. Not sure why that is.

it is curious that now I have

  • Routes 0 hops : 11
  • Routes 1 hops : 14

While before the zigbee reset I had:

  • Routes 0 hops : 8
  • Routes 1 hops : 10
  • Routes 2 hops : 7
  • Routes 3 hops : 1

I did the reset one week ago and probably this is true: “routing is an ephemeral state and may change at any time

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> reporting :  5,"00124b0018dd5fe3",3,false,"Homey (Early 2018)","5.0.4",0,19,0,2,"2.6.3",28,18,10,2,7,12,false,"#",0,11,15,2 , $
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reporting : 8,“00124b000ac64a7a”,3,true,“Homey Pro (Early 2019)”,“5.0.4”,0,12,0,2,“2.6.3”,41,13,28,6,15,12,false,"#",0,7,13,14,4,2,0,0,1 , $

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reporting : 9,“00124b001b44abf7”,3,true,“Homey (Early 2019)”,“5.0.4”,0,11,0,2,“2.6.3”,22,11,11,5,11,7,false,"#",0,6,13,1,1 , $

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one month, ~60 reports: (Some user before and after reset)
User Happiness - Avg.:7,6
User Happiness - with WellKnownKey (No Reset ) Avg.:7,3
User Happiness - with RandomKey (With Reset ) . Avg.:7,9


Just send you my report.
I have 41 end devices and it says that everything is good. But still have a lot of problems with switching the lamps as they don’t react 9 out of 10 times.
Strange as also on the developer page I see all the routing.

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Hi, Thanks I added it to the list,
The Script just analyzes the output of Homeys info, the same as the Developer page.
Interference, distance/ bad reception or fe a defect Zigbee device could be the issue but the number of devices looks good and there are no issues or strange numbers reported:

Bad Routes : 0
Routes 0 hops : 7
Routes 1 hops : 29
Routes 2 hops : 5

Oké thanks for the info.
I see other persons not having a problem with a big zigbee network.
Let’s see where Athom will come up, also asked them.

Do you switch many lights at once, or do they respond badly when switching them individually?
B/c In case of switching more than x lights at once, it is reported that at random some lights do not respond. By switching them separately, they respond okay.
A little delay between the switch command can do the trick.
The < group > app comes in handy here, it can switch a whole bunch of lights, and you can set a delay of say 50ms between each light. This way they are switched one by one, instead of all at once

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Yes I know, it is also when I’m switching them by individual by hand to bad.

Just pulled the power of some lamps and they still seems to be online at the developer page…
Is there no command to refresh the zigbee internal?

Did you read this post? It doesn’t solve your probs, but checks if paired devices are still paired

Is it the same lights? Or random lights?
It looks like radio interference, and/or too far from an other zigbee router or Homey.
A steel light housing f.i. can cause interference.
Also check your wifi and zigbee frequencies don’t interfere with eachother.

reporting : 5,“00124b001b449cb7”,3,false,“Homey (Early 2019)”,“5.0.1”,0,11,0,2,“2.6.3”,19,6,13,2,6,0,true,"#",0,0,0 , $

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reporting : 0,“00124b001eea92e1”,3,false,“Homey Pro (Early 2019)”,“5.0.4”,0,11,0,2,“2.6.3”,49,11,38,6,15,10,true,"#",0,4,16,15,3,5 , $

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reporting : 8,“00124b001b45bf84”,3,false,“Homey Pro (Early 2019)”,“5.0.4”,0,11,0,2,“2.6.3”,10,0,10,2,3,0,true,"#",0,0,0 , $

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reporting : 9,“00124b0004f6f763”,3,false,“Homey (Early 2016)”,“5.0.4”,0,11,0,2,“2.6.3”,43,20,23,4,11,16,true,"#",0,13,19,9,1 , $

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reporting : 10,“00124b001b44e91a”,3,false,“Homey Pro (Early 2019)”,“5.0.0”,0,11,0,2,“2.6.3”,11,2,9,7,8,2,true,"#",2,1,5,3 , $

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