Compliments to new forum



Just wanted to say that this forum is a big approvement. Well-done guys! :grin:


I agree. Looks great


Nice one, indeed! Thank you and letโ€™s fill it up with good stuff.


It is a big step forward indeed!


I only just underline this compliments! Big step forward


Same here! Finally a decent forum :wink:


Works very nice! Thanks.


Thanks for all the positive feedback! I agree that this is a big step forward.

Please let me know if you have any feedback or pointers which we can change to make it even better for the community:)


Yup, my compliments, now lets start filling it!! :slight_smile:


Iโ€™m new here, and find this one of the best forum systems I work in. I actually made a note to reference it if Iโ€™m asked about what forum to use.