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[CONCEPT] HEIMA for Homey (Wall Mounted Dashboard)


Same here… Had a nice casing printed to wallmount a tablet…


Im so looking forward to this. Since v2 my tablets are shut of :frowning:
I guess you will however get in to the same issues that @HarriedeGroot and company have gotten stuck at and that are there are lot of buttons thats not standard and where actions/status is not exposed. They work with scenes and are not standard. Or have you found away around that?


Looks so nice! I have been searching for months for a dashboard and finally I have seen some light =)

I would easily pay for this app or become a patreon. Reaaly nice work so far!

And all tips Jamie gave you was really nice.

Im looking forward for this :grin:


Very Nice would like to use it also


I like it, i really mis a good (adjustable) dash at the moment.
So, very interested, will follow the progress here for sure! :+1:


@PetervdK Did you already check the MQTT Gateway? HABPanel is already an option & integration with TileBoard is work in progress…some have it working already via Node RED.


Checked it, but will not use it on short term. I know myself, that is going to cost me too much time and i don’t have that available at the moment.

I’d like to be able to access it from inside a Homey app even if that is not as adjustable as i would like. Same as with my HomeWizard. I can at least rearrange my devices etc there so the most used are always on (top of the) screen.

This is also the second reason why i will miss the desktop app (and won’t upgrade to 2.0 yet). I can do the same there while the app will show an order based on creation of the devices.
That means swiping up and down a lot and that causes switches etc to be altered by incident regularly (too often).


Wow, can’t wait to test this. Looks great! Any ETA? :blush:


Small update on progression (3-2-2019):

  • Implemented ‘Scenes’ screen. I’m fetching all users’ favorite flows, dedub them, and list them with a large play button.
  • Implemented localization (using react-intl), auto set to Homey’s language.
  • Implemented basic security screen. Fetching all sensors with alarm_contact capabality. Bottom bar now has a badge showing number of disconnected contacts. Security screen lists contacts that are disconnected.
  • Started working on light dim slider

Next up:

  • Finish dimming slider
  • Implement thermostat screen
  • Code cleanup and initial commit

For everyone eager to test this: it will all be up to Athom as they will first need to officialy open up the Web API to 3rd party developers. For now this only works when deployed locally, which is not something I expect the people this dashboard is intented for to do.


Imho you may expect testers to be able to download a zip and unpack it. Or is there more in it then html with js- and imagefiles? But maybe you can drop it in the #developers group on Slack for testing?

As for “Up to Athom”, did you send it to @Emile and asked him for the keys and corresponding permissions with the keys? Do you know which permissions are needed?


Can you upload it on GITHUB? Then we can play and help you out as well.


I only want this locally to create nice wall mounted dashboards


me too - need only locally


Love the fact that this dashboard will be plug & play so not a lot of hassle, but…would be great if you can make the option to include a webcam cast into the dashboard. Why? Baby-monitor! I currently have to open the cameras app on my smartphone and would love to have this stream included in a dashboard.

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One word…Perfect.
What a beautifully clean and crisp and simple interface.
i too want it for local mode only, for tables in landscape mode mainly.
Only 4 additions i would add (besides what you already propose)

  1. A big one for me, is the surveillance (alarm by Heimdall) mode setting. This needs to be front page (homescreen). I would add in addition to the presence detection on homepage, another icon below the “user” that has the ability to trigger the surveillance mode de/activation through a pop up virtual numerical pin pad. And these pins can be created/added/changed directly within YOUR app in an admin section that requires a password to enter.
  2. English version.
  3. url schemes. Add your own virtual buttons to activate these. This will allow users to directly open other apps already on the tablet directly from your app interface. Or just another way to open apps from one of your screen.
  4. The ability to change the highlight colour from green to another colour.

I really look forward to this being available, I was already getting The Home Remote to add support, but this looks even easier and better.
How long before we can test this? I would love to use this in an installation in a few weeks time, if all goes well, you can expect a gracious donation from me.

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Local access is the only thing I need as well. Can’t really see the point of having this as remote access?


Same here, local access is perfect.

Also, great idea, concept and finally something that looks good!

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To clarify, the concept of this is plug and play for non tech users. I’m using the HomeyDash approach where the user can simply visit a URL on their tablet, login with their Athom account and it works. This may disappoint some people, but I think is the right choice for the target group. This means authentication is done using AthomCloudAPI, which means Athom needs to approve the web app first to provide a client id / secret with a matching callback url. After I finish the thermostat screen and clean up the code I will definitely push it to GitHub so all of you can test it on a local server (this is a React app).


But will the url then always go through the cloud/internet or only the first authentication and then stays local? Because for obvious reasons I would like to have my house-dashboard as independent from the internet/cloud as possible.


Very nice!!! Exactly what ive been waiting for. I would also like it to be locally run if thats possible. Great work. Also perfect to do it with a url so also older tablets are supported! Keep up the good work!!!