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[CONCEPT] HEIMA for Homey (Wall Mounted Dashboard)



Its almost like we need a app which can group all our sensors … or lights


But yes your right, I didnt even think that grouping wasn’t a inbuilt app, I would expect the dashboard to allow me to choose which devices to ‘show’ :slight_smile:

Sometimes when you are holding a hammer everything looks like a nail.


Can you share on github? That way people could test or help develop.


same here


Definitely will once I finish the MVP and cleaned up code.


So I don’t have the virtual button app, but does Homey treat it like a device? If so, you could use it to group lights in a zone, call it ‘All lights in living room’ and sort it to the top (once Homey support device sorting). In my dashboard it would then appear as first device for that zone and if you use it you would see it reflected in all devices below it. Let me install it later so I can test this myself.


As far as I am aware Virtual devices hasn’t been updated for v2 yet. You can do a similar thing with the group app … But its direct control of lights not setting a Hue Scene or triggering a flow, for that we will have to wait for an update.

First three tiles are grouped items


works for me?


Hi there,
I’m a graphic designer/web designer and I’d be happy to help with some UI (and ideas to UX)! I already have some input, but it’d be easier for me to do some rough sketches if you don’t mind? Would that be ok with you?


I use the ‘multi state’ virtual button. This button hase multiple states (not only on and off). I use it to set a ‘mode’ for the house. Some example modes I set:

  • Everyone away
  • Sleep
  • Study
  • Comfort


@Cornelia You better address to @TimTim, he is the developer in this case.


More then welcome!


I was an avid user of Homeydash in the older version of Homey, but this is no longer possible with version 2.0.
So I welcome a replacement, and your way is one of them.
I will gladly use it, thank you



I have a wallmounted tablet, anxiously waiting for something like this!


Same here… Had a nice casing printed to wallmount a tablet…


Im so looking forward to this. Since v2 my tablets are shut of :frowning:
I guess you will however get in to the same issues that @HarriedeGroot and company have gotten stuck at and that are there are lot of buttons thats not standard and where actions/status is not exposed. They work with scenes and are not standard. Or have you found away around that?


Looks so nice! I have been searching for months for a dashboard and finally I have seen some light =)

I would easily pay for this app or become a patreon. Reaaly nice work so far!

And all tips Jamie gave you was really nice.

Im looking forward for this :grin:


Very Nice would like to use it also


I like it, i really mis a good (adjustable) dash at the moment.
So, very interested, will follow the progress here for sure! :+1:


@PetervdK Did you already check the MQTT Gateway? HABPanel is already an option & integration with TileBoard is work in progress…some have it working already via Node RED.


Checked it, but will not use it on short term. I know myself, that is going to cost me too much time and i don’t have that available at the moment.

I’d like to be able to access it from inside a Homey app even if that is not as adjustable as i would like. Same as with my HomeWizard. I can at least rearrange my devices etc there so the most used are always on (top of the) screen.

This is also the second reason why i will miss the desktop app (and won’t upgrade to 2.0 yet). I can do the same there while the app will show an order based on creation of the devices.
That means swiping up and down a lot and that causes switches etc to be altered by incident regularly (too often).