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Connect LSC Smart Power Plug to Homey

Hello, my first question here (and I think not my last (-;);
I try to connect my LSC Smart Power Plug to Homey, and I almost there…

In Homey app, I have installed the tuya devices.
In the connecting-screen you have to put in some data, like;

  • name:
  • IP:
  • KEY:
  • ID:

3 of the 4 I allready have. But I can’t find KEY. When I let it empty, it will not save the information.
It should contain 16 digits.
When I look in the LSC Smart Connect app, and tap device info, I can find IP and ID. But no KEY.
Where can I find or generate this KEY?
Txs in advance!
grz. PaulY

and you follow the instrucions mentiond on the app page https://apps.athom.com/app/nl.rebtor.tuya

Hi Roy; that ‘solution’ is for me a very time-consuming proces to attage a very simple device to homey.
I am not in a hurry, I will wait and try again in 2 months or so. For now I have a seperate remote control.
txs for your responce! grz Paul

And now the cloud app is available in the App-Store!