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Connecting an unsupported device (Nobo heater)

Currently I have my home equipped with the Nobo heaters that are controlled by Nobo hub using wifi to connect to the heaters. The system can be controlled using either a phone app or a Nobo wifi remote that connects to the hub. The remote is basically a four button switch powered by a CR2032 battery:

  • Schedule: radiators are using predetermined schedule saved on the hub
  • Comfort: all radiators maintain comfort temperature (22 in my case)
  • Away: all radiators maintain away temperature (14 in my case)
  • Vacations: all radiators maintain vacation temperature (7 in my case)

Homey does not have any app to connect to Nobo system and I am wondering if there is any workaround.

I would like Homey to be able to switch Nobo between Schedule and Away states.

I was wondering if this can be done through any of the following:

  • Sniffer. I know, that e.g. 433MHz signal can be sniffed by Broadlink RM Pro+. Is there a similar wifi sniffer that can mimic a signal sent by Nobo remote (most likely not, though, because it is not about sending a wifi signal, but sending a signal to the Nobo hub that it would accept)

  • ammending Nobo switch with several receivers soldered to the respective buttons. Once Homey sends signal, a receiver should short the circuit of the respective button briefly, thus emulating button press. Notably, I do not need any feedback from Nobo to Homey. So, one-way receiver should work.

Hence, do you know of any receivers supported by Homey that can do the job? Obviously, the receiver should be self-powered/externally powered, since it cannot be powered from the Nobo switch.

Thank you.