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Connection of Netatmo Doorbell

Hi, I have installed homey version 5.0.0-rc.63 but can’t add my netatmo doorbell to homey. Am I missing something here? It is my only netatmo device, so I can’t go via “maintenance”.
Thanks for any help

Which Netatmo App version do you use?
The doorbell ist only supported by the app version v5.1.0 (Experimentell).

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Oh god, please no.
Sorry, not version 5.1, thanks so much. Sorry again. Thought I had updated it already.

I am looking for a doorbell, and I am interested in de Netatmo (Slimme Video Deurbel | Netatmo).

Is this doorbell working with Homey? So I can make my lamp goes on/off when the door rings?

PS: I read online different reactions if this is working yes/no.

It is working with Homey - you can detect if someone press the button and picture when someone press the button and based on those flows you can even turn the lamp/light etc.
Some other events are available however they were not implement - and not sure they will ever be.

We have the netatmo and it works great with blinking lights. took some time, but at some point the flow started working. So now we have via philips hue all lights blinking for about 10 secs, when someone rings the bell. The music part with sonos doesn’t work, but besides that, lights work fine.