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Control dimmer using push button

Hi everyone, newbie here! Got my Homey Pro working with a bunch of switches, made a few simple flows that actually work and make me feel happy.

Now I’m experimenting with a Robb smarrt 4 button wall unit. Works fine for switching things on and off. But I now want one pair of buttons to control a dimmable light, using an Everspring AD147 dimmer plug (and later maybe a Fibaro dimmer for another light).

For each of the buttons In the wall unit’s ‘Scene activated’ card I can choose between

  • ‘pressed once’-
  • ‘pressed longer’
  • ‘released’.

I want to dim, so I go for ‘pressed longer’. But what to do next? In the ‘Then…’ section the dimmer gives me five cards to choose from:

  • Dim to…
  • Relative dimming level…
  • Switch on
  • Switch off
  • Switch on/off

Should be the first or second, I presume. But in both I have to enter a number. And what I want is the value to step up or down until the button is released. Can’t think of a way to get that done…

Help very much appreciated!

(All options mentioned I have translated from Dutch; don’t know the English versions. Let me know if you want to help me and need screenshots.)

Have a look here:

Er is ook een Nederlands deel op dit forum: 🇳🇱 Nederlands (Dutch) - Homey Community Forum voor alleen Nederlands, maar dan mis je alle niet Nederlandse commentaren.

Short version without extra apps:

Create a variable “DimmingStatus” with YES/NO.

Flow 1:
pressed longer
Start Flow2

Flow 2:
Flow is started
DimmingStatus = NO
Set relative dimming level -5% (or -10% if you want to dim faster)
Start Flow2 (so the same flow) after 1 second
Set relative dimming level +5% (or +10% if you want to dim faster)
Start Flow2 (so the same flow) after 1 second

Flow 3:
Stop/Disable Flow 2
Toggle variable DimmingStatus YES <> NO
Enable Flow 2 after 2 seconds

Thank you! So this brings me to the next level: multiple interacting flows…

I’ll certainly try this as soon as I get the chance, will post results.

This next level can become complexe. Some time ago I shared how I structure my flows in such a way that you be able to keep an overview even with interacting flows.
Hope it helps…

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