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Control of WiFi switch with Homey - Is it possible?

I have been provided with some WiFi switches that have no makers name on them, just the Model number PT-CS01. This gives rise to two questions:

Is it possible to link to a device if the manufacturer is not known?
In this particular case has naybody successfully paired this device with Homey, and if so how?
This seems to refer but I can’t understand what it means https://templates.blakadder.com/

I would try to register this with the Tuya app. If that works, you can integrate it via the Homey Tuya Cloud App.

This means (if I understand it correctly, because I have not done it myself yet), that this device can be flashed with Tasmota firmware (after a lot of soldering) and then should work with the Tasmota and the MQTT Broker app via MQTT.