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D-Link Z-wave App

This app makes Homey support D-Link Z-wave devices!

Supported devices:

  • Door/Window Sensor - DCH-Z110
  • Motion Sensor - DCH-Z120
  • Motion Sensor - DCH-Z122

If your device is not supported by the app please leave a comment below with this information:

  • Device Model/Name:
  • Manufacturer ID:
  • Product Type ID:
  • Product ID:

Also, I appreciate if you are able to help testing the early code for your device since I most surely will not have the device myself.

Dear Johan,

Thanks for quick reaction.

This is the information from the device:

  • Device Model/Name: D-Link Multisoundsirene DCH-Z510
  • Manufacturer ID: 264
  • Product Type ID: 4
  • Product ID: 10

Also a have Zipato Multisound siren, which (I think) its the same. There is an app for this. I include the Zipato Multisirene. Also here you can only turn alarm on / off. You cannot select 1 of the 6 sounds.

This is also the case if I install D-link Siren as a simple z-wave device.

Can you help Me?

Greetings Enrico Kersten

If you could please keep the conversation in English as much as possible, then more people will be able to participate. If you would rather not or can’t communicate in English then please check out Non-English boards at


Especially since the OP doesn’t speak Dutch

Dear Caseda,

Sorry. I thought that this was the dutch community.

I change the question in English.

Greetings Enrico

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Hi @Homey_Mill.

Thanks for the information, I have now added the device to my todo list. :smiley:

Dear Johan,

I really appreciate this.


Hi @Homey_Mill, I have an early version with the Siren ready.
Please test all cards, sounds and functionality and get back with what works and/or not.

If it works I would like to ask you to verify the sounds, I think I have the order (naming) wrong but hard to test when I don’t have the device :smiley:

Dear Johan,

I include the d-link sirene. Homey recognized the D-link multisound sirene.

I test the sounds in a flow. All sound are the same (sirene sound).

The Zipato multisound sirene reacts the same.

Do i something wrong?

Thanks for quick reaction.

Thanks for your quick feedback @Homey_Mill.

Can you please create a diagnostic report in the D-Link app and send it to me?

Daar Johan,

I’m new on homey.

Is this the correct diagnostic report: 5f1f29df-98ac-4e4b-b038-35ecfc43a3b4

Hi again @Homey_Mill.
You being new to Homey is no problem, you are doing just fine! :slight_smile:

Yes, that’s the report. Thanks! (I get it directly when you create it, posting the report ID here is mostly needed if an app have loads of crash reports so that the developer know what report to look at)

I have now made some adjustments, feel free to try the latest test version when you are able to do so.

// Johan

Dear Johan,

I installed the new app. Reinclude the D-link sirene.

I have now no sound and sirene sound as result.
I have tryed all sounds options in a flow.

Hi again @Homey_Mill.
OK, to bad. Please create a new crash report from the app while using the latest test version.


Is it possibilities to implant DSP-W215 wifi plug as well?

…and also the water sensor DCH-S160 ?

Hi @Peter_W, I will add those to my todo list.

If you have them I would be helped by you adding them as generic devices and posting the units information here.

  • Device Model/Name:
  • Manufacturer ID:
  • Product Type ID:
  • Product ID:

Hi Johan

Many thanks for your fast reply :+1:…I try to find the ID you want to have but is this datasheet enough?

DCH-S160 https://eu.dlink.com/uk/en/-/media/consumer_products/dch/dch-s160/datasheet/dch_s160_datasheet_deu.pdf

Device Model/Name:DCH-S160

Manufacturer ID:

Product Type ID:

Product ID:



Device Model/Name:DSP-W215

Manufacturer ID:

Product Type ID:

Product ID:

Best regards

Peter from Sweden

Hi again @Peter_W.

I see from your links those are WiFi devices.
The app I support is so far only for Z-wave devices.

But, since I see there is no other support in the app store for D-Link WiFi devices I will have a look at it. No promises. :wink:

// Johan

Thanks Johan

It would be a very generous act if you could watch it if and when you find time because my own knowledge for this is limited.

Also, ifttt will remove this service for dlinks wifi at the end of the year …if you would find a solution via homey so I think many out there would appreciate it, myself I sit with about 20 wifi products from dlink and their own app is a bit limited but via homey it would be a huge lift.

Thank you for your interest and hope you can find a solution…if I can help you with my dlink wifi products let me know.

Best regards


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