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Even for a 1000 euro this is not possible for now.

Reason? Well Daikin changed their API which now uses ‘the cloud’, and therefor it is even very likely that the ‘C’ WiFi adapters will never be supported.

If you do not take my word for it just look at the discussion on i.e. the Home Assistant forum about the BRP069C4x :wink:

This was intentionally changed and will not be changed back to the old behavior as it fixes another issue… it is related to how the Thermostat UI operates in combination with so called custom capabilities.

I do not recognize the issue, when more users report the issue I will look into it.

Maybe I can try to get in touch with Daikin and ask for whatever it is you need to get it to work? What specifically needs to change? :slight_smile:


Since last week i own 2 Daikin Prefera with the BRP069C4x wifi adapters.
Did already some debugging en tracing but this adapter is communicating with some servers in AWS on HTTPS / TLS. I did find some info on other forums that could be interesting but not sure if its usable.

Need to do some more research but @mbnn what is needed (if there is any) is the API documentation how to intergrate third party applications to the dakin cloud services.

WorkInProgress but can’t make any promises, if @Homey_Lampje is willing to help and if we have all documentation etc i think should be possibe to intergrate it.
For your info i’am the developer of the Onkyo Receiver([APP] Onkyo Receiver 3.4.6) and Satel Integra app( [APP] Satel Integra alarmsystem integration V2.3.1 LIVE)

Thanks for the info, im going to do my best. Let’s see what they say :slight_smile:

Reply from Daikin Europe;

Dat klopt, de oudere onlinecontrollers van Daikin waren makkelijk te integreren in regelsystemen van derden. Tegenwoordig zijn de nieuwe Perfera binnenunits voorzien van een nieuwe generatie onlinecontroller adapter die af fabriek geïntegreerd is in de Daikin binnenunit. Deze adapter is enkel compatibel met de nieuwe Residentiele controller App van Daikin (Zie afbeelding) waarbij de koppeling (op de achtergrond) altijd via de Residentiele Cloud gaat.

De Residentiele controller app ( ReCAP) en of de Cloud is niet direct koppelbaar met externe Domotica systemen. Er zijn een aantal software ontwikkelaars die een overeenkomst hebben getekend met Daikin Europe (onze fabriek in Oostende /België) waarbij de koppeling wel mogelijk is, dit zijn partijen zoals Google Home en Amazon Alexa oa voor functies zoals spraakbesturing

Dit neemt niet weg dat de ReCAP niet koppelbaar is met andere software ontwikkelaars dan de Google Home en Amazon Alexa. Onze ReCAP en of de Cloud ondersteund API (Application Programming Interface) protocol. API maakt het mogelijk om andere systemen en software een ingang tot het systeem te bieden. Met deze ingang kunnen verschillende systemen met elkaar communiceren en gegevens uitwisselen. Om deze gegevens (API documentatie) met elkaar te kunnen delen, dient de aanvrager ( in dit geval de externe softwarepartij ) eerst een NDA ( vertrouwelijkheidsovereenkomst) te tekenen met Daikin Europe.

Na het ondertekenen en het ontvangst van het formulier zal de EDC ( European Development Center) van Daikin Europe, de nodige API documenten met de aanvrager delen.

Helaas kan ik zelf niet developen :stuck_out_tongue: Maar mocht iemand het wel kunnen kan ik het contact doorsturen.

Update: inmiddels contact gehad in PM met @Mickel_Luiten let’s see where we get :grinning:

As private person I will definitely not sign an NDA with Daikin Europe. I suggest that when @Mickel_Luiten has it all working he contacts me and take it from there.

Well @Quin you were not the only one that wanted the old tile temperature behavior back :thinking: I made the behavior therefore user selectable, guess the drawback of the old behavior did not bothered many users.

App version v5.0.12 and above will have this functionality.

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I noticed in version v.5.0.12 in the function THEN flowchart afbeelding You can’t see the difference which is one. When i filled in the second the temperature i got this.
afbeelding I know this is a test version but I wanted to let you know

My guess is that you do not understand the change… Whenever the airco is turned off you can change which temperature is shown on the tile, all this has nothing to do with flow cards.

[edit] I have update the text below the setting.

@Homey_Lampje aka Peter, Thanks for the tile modification. Love it! Also on my.homey.app

10 points!!!


Where can i find v5.0.12?

On the test channel.

Great news man! Choice is always a good thing! Thanks!

Ftxm25r2v1b supported? Can not get it to work

Please report WiFi adapter type.

Ok where can I find it? It’s no lights on the wifi adapter only a sticker with my wifi login details

Find it in app , BRP069C4x