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Daikin AI

if you have removed the app and therefore the devices within Homey, then re added the app and created a new daikin/thermostat device, then you will need to re-discover within Alexa and Siri.
Can you then control the Air con devices from within Homey app, Amazon app and Homekit apps? And then try voice control.

Thanks Adrian - I haven’t removed the app. When it all just stopped working, I removed the devices and then rediscovered them in siri and amazon app - basically resintalled the Daikin AI and did the set up again with both amazon and apple apps. Homey can control the aircons through the homey app - it’s just the amazon and apple home apps which say the devices are not responding?

Do they not respond at all, or is it just along delay? I get a long delay sometimes with Alexa and Google with the same response, but it usually activates a few seconds later.
Out of curiousity, have you looked into your Alexa app and deleted the “old” device before diving your new one?

I have removed the ‘old’ ones yes. When I tap in to the device on alexa app, under the name , it just says ‘device not responding’ in the app. Alexa is just not doing anything with them. But the homey app does work and it’s pretty much instant.

Try a work around, create a virtual thermostat and tie it to the Daikin one with flows

Cool - where can I find instructions to do that? Thanks so much :slight_smile: