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if you have removed the app and therefore the devices within Homey, then re added the app and created a new daikin/thermostat device, then you will need to re-discover within Alexa and Siri.
Can you then control the Air con devices from within Homey app, Amazon app and Homekit apps? And then try voice control.

Thanks Adrian - I haven’t removed the app. When it all just stopped working, I removed the devices and then rediscovered them in siri and amazon app - basically resintalled the Daikin AI and did the set up again with both amazon and apple apps. Homey can control the aircons through the homey app - it’s just the amazon and apple home apps which say the devices are not responding?

Do they not respond at all, or is it just along delay? I get a long delay sometimes with Alexa and Google with the same response, but it usually activates a few seconds later.
Out of curiousity, have you looked into your Alexa app and deleted the “old” device before diving your new one?

I have removed the ‘old’ ones yes. When I tap in to the device on alexa app, under the name , it just says ‘device not responding’ in the app. Alexa is just not doing anything with them. But the homey app does work and it’s pretty much instant.

Try a work around, create a virtual thermostat and tie it to the Daikin one with flows

Cool - where can I find instructions to do that? Thanks so much :slight_smile:

Update related to Homey firmware 5.0.0-rcxx (experimental)
1/ Daikin AI v4.0.5 does work correctly with Homey’s experimental firmware v5.0.0-rc.38.
2/ I have updated the app to be compatible with SDK 3 and I will be releasing this new version (v5.x.x) soon to the experimental channel. Daikin AI v5.x.x will only be available via the experimental channel as long as Homey’s v5 firmware is experimental.
Note: Daikin AI v5.x.x is not (backwards) compatible with Homey firmware version 4, which means that Daikin AI v5 requires Homey firmware v5.


Hi Peter,

I have a new Daikin installed recently. I experience issue with the target temperature that changes by itself when the Homey app is connected (not according to the flows). The temperature sets to 14 degrees within various timeframes. Have your heard about issues like this before? Do you have any idea of solution?

All other functions are working. Changes in the Daikin app updates homey and changes in your app updates Daikin app. Flow can be trigged and works fine. Only the target temperatur changes after a while. I have read some where that the lowest target value that can be set by Daikins app is 14 degrees. Is it some misunderstanding in the communication that results in the lowest available value? When I disable the app in Homey the issues disapers. I have deactivates flows one by one, without finding any issues. No error codes shown in the IR-control.

Thank in advance.

Components used in my system:
Indoor unit: FTXF35A5V1B
WiFi unit: BRP069B41
Outdoor unit: RXF35A5V1B

I never heard about this 14degC specific issue.

However when you use the driver that not supports Homekit and the airco is turned off the target temp follows the inside temperature by design. The reason why I already explained several times in this thread, in short this behavior is there for a reason and it will not be changed.

Thanks for your answer Peter.

I have searched all items including “target temperature” or “inside temperature”. I can not find any solution in those topics. Cant find the thread where it is explaind. I hope you can give me some more info.

I attached a picture that show my fight with the airco yesterday between 09:00 and 12:00. I set the target temperatur to 23 degC. Suddenly inte changes to 14 degC. I change again and again and it continues to reduce it to 14. The inside temperature is near 19 degC, pendling between 18-20 degC.

To specify my set-up:
The airco is never turned off, only in “standby-mode”. (might misunderstand you here)
I use the driver that supports Homekit.
I use 5 seconds between actions in the flows.
I use a fixed ip
I have read the app instructions several times. :slight_smile:

Attached picture: Upper chart is target temp, lower chart inside temp.

Hi Andreas,

when you use the homekit driver target temp does not follow the inside temp in off mode. The behavior you see is caused by something else but what… it beats me… this problem was also never reported… the app is used by close to 800 users.

Which app do you use for homekit?

Do you have automation set up in the home app?

Can you test with the other (non Homekit) driver?

Daikin AI Version 5.0.0 is available on test.

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Thanks for your advise. I change the driver (to the not compatible with homekit) and all flows works like a charm. It has run for a week now…

Great app! :ok_hand:

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Hi. First of all, this point saved my life! I love it :+1:
I have two questions/improvements which I would love to see in this app!

  1. Would it be possible to override the internal temp sensor ND replace it with an external one? My temp sensor always shows the wrong temp, and not just too high or too low, but how much off it is varies depending on the output of the unit.
  2. Daikin reports energy consumption in their “own” app, would it be possible to include this?

Keep up the mazing work!

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1/ ‘external’ temp sensor, I will look into that one… and when I do implement this it wil be in version 5.x.x which is available on test channel of the app store.

2/ power consumption is not available in ‘real-time’ via Daikin’s API, only weekly and monthly consumption is. I will not implement any power consumption feature in the Homey app.