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Daikin AI

I’m looking into buying an air conditioner and would like to integrate it with Homey. I now got a quote from my reseller and he suggested the Daikin 2MXM40 with 2 FTXP20, or 2 Daikin FTXF/RXF25.
Since there is no C in the name, does this mean they cannot be integrated into Homey?
In the specificatiopn of the FTXP it says there is an online controller, so you can control indoor from any location with an app, via local network or internet.

@Lodewijk_Olthof , It depends wich type of wifi module is in the indoor units.
If these are having the type BRP069C4x then they will not work with the app from @Homey_Lampje.

I myself having 2 Prefera FTXM indoor-units with a intergraded wifi-controller that only connects to the cloud and are not working with the homey app.

Anny news on the residential controller homey app for user with the new WiFi module


@Robjuh , is pending, there is a little progress on this topic

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Thnx I’m planning to buy a airco today still can’t decide Mitsubishi electric or Daikin haha

I am a bit reluctant with the info on the residential controller(new WiFi controller) app for homey, but we are waiting on Daikin

Daikin it is :wink: