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Hi. I’m in Australia. I have two Daikin FTXM Cora split systems. The latest WiFi modules for these are BRP072A42 wireless LAN adaptors - no older models left that I can find. Will these work with this Homey App?

Can’t tell… you can only find out by trying sorry.

Hi there! I’ve got two FTXM25R5V1B and one FTXM35R5V1B (Daikin Perfera). They dont work yet with this Homey Daikin AI app. Any idea when these devices will be supported or how many i have to pay to get them supported :upside_down_face:?


These units are only talks toward the daikin cloud solution. These units having the BRP069C4x wifi adapter

The API docs for the daikin cloud i have received but now waiting for some technical stuff before i can make the homey app.

See a new topic in the future
I hope it will be soon but depending on daikin

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Check Mickel! Thanks for the heads-up. Can we push Daikin for giving the technical stuff faster so Homey can finally embrace also these units?

No we can’t unfortunately

The sooner the better I would say, as that way I can redirect all Daikin Cloud related questions to you…