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@Homey_Lampje aka Peter, Is it possible to enable the ‘swing’ function in the app, or did I miss it (that it isn’t possible/already integrated)

Ps. Donated 2 beers :wink: (Limburgse prijzen :wink: )

Hi Ivo,

Many thanks for your donation, highly appreciated by me.

Swing and Fan control will return… however still waiting for a fix from Athom, see also the limitations sections in the release notes of the Daikin AI app in the App Store.

@Sjalabert when you install the latetst testflight version of the Homey app you can control swing and fan again.

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Yes!!! Great!!!

The text within in the yellow circle is too long and I will correct this in a future update, see screenshots.

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Version 2.0.8, with the above shown cosmetic fixes, will be available via the app store later this week. Initially as beta a couple of days later as stable release. Note: that the above shown functionality requires Homey’s mobile app version 2.0.6 or higher.

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v2.0.8 available via the app store as beta.

What has changed? The AC function naming for the “picker” selections.

Note: the “Airflow Rate” and “Swing” (a picker) control requires Homey mobile app version 2.0.6 (for iOS, Android app version number ??) or higher to be shown, see also the screenshots in above posts.

Promoted v2.0.8 to stable.

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Announcement: In a upcoming release it will be possible to add a trigger / condition card based on the airconditioner its operating mode.

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Version 2.0.10 will be available as beta later this week.

Version 2.0.10 is now available in the App store as beta version.

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Version 2.0.10 is now available on the stable channel via the App Store.

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Tested v2.0.10 with the latest firmware (2.1.2), and it’s working without any issues.


Daikin AI works with Google Home

Just install “model Homekit”, there is no need to install one of the Apple Homekit apps from Athom’s App Store. However please note the functional limitations of “model Homekit” as mentioned in the “user manual”.

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In my country used Daikin BRP072A
Please anyone will confirm its same with BRP069A or not?
And same compatible & works perfect on my smartphone, if I’ve used in my country.
( my Daikin model FTKV25NVM4 & FTKC25NVM4)
Many thanks friend

@adrs you can do this simple check using a webbrowser…

enter http://xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx/aircon/get_control_info url in your webbrowser, replace xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx with the IP-address of your Airco and you should see a response like shown below.


If it is not working try replacing http with https.

If you see this response in your browser Daikin AI most likely will work, however no guarantees nor support for this adapter/airco model.