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Danalock V3 - battery drainage



I am having trouble with my Danalock V3 (Z-wave/Bluetooth) draining the batteries really fast. Used 80% in a week.
Does anyone have any suggestions?
I am guessing it is being polled or that it is online more than it should somehow.

I am using the Homekit-app in Homey, and read somewhere that the Home app keeps polling for the status very often, but don’t know if that is true.
Have tried adding it first without Bluetooth, but reset it to get it included in the ios app (to check for new firmware). Drainage was fast in both scenarios, maybe even worse with only Z-wave active strangely.

I also needs to add that the lock is on the garage door, and that it is a little cold in Norway at the moment (-10 degrees Celsius).
Anyway, I did expect it to last more than a week.