Danfoss LC13 compatible device not recognized


Hello Everyone,

after two years with the Fibaro HC2 it’s time to move to another platform. So I choose for the Homey.
Currently I’m removing all the z-wave devices from the HC2 one by one and installing them into Homey.
Doing this I’ve ran into troubles with my Danfoss compatible thermostats.
In the Fibaro HC2 these devices are recognized as Danfoss Thermostats, but when I try to add them into Homey I get a warning that the device isn’t know and a default device is used.
Is there a solution for my problem ? Because I have 8 of these thermostats in use…

The label inside the thermostat says that it’s a ZWE Connect


Did you check if there is an available app for them??at https://apps.athom.com
if not they will probably not work (yet) and you could ask if a developer would like to make an app for them here : Homey Community App Requests


I’ve used the Danfoss app , and also the Devolo app, none of them recognizes the thermostat.
However, when I add them to my HC2, they are recognized as Danfoss thermostats


Are you’re type of thermostats mentioned in the app descriptions?? If not I guess they are not (yet) working with homey.


In the app-description only Danfoss or Devolo are mentioned.
But because the HC2 recognizes them as Danfoss, I would expect the same thing to happen on the Homey.
Is there a way to create or edit an app for devices that aren’t listed in the apps ?


In that case, likely the ID’s of your thermostat (see devices > unknown Z-wave device > device information are not listed in the Danfoss app…

You can add them manually…
By downloading the Danfoss app, adding the missing ID’s and installing the app through the Command Line Interface…

I don’t have the ability to post the more detailed instructions (typing on a mobile)… you can search for the Aeotec AU topic, where I posted similar instructions.


last week i added successfully a (fresh from Amazon.de) Danfoss LC13 to homey, no issue at all, could it be old firmware on the danfoss? (fw version not listed, bummer)