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Darksky Weather App

Thanks, was not aware of this!

The API updates are at the moment per device. So you have only current weather as device that is using API calls. So the app uses 720 from the 1000 request each day.


@Y_D this will only be a problem if you more then 1 device configured. You can have as much devices as you want with different coordinates. Every device will be updated every two minutes at the same time and all capabilities will be updated at once for that device.

Great app.
I’m trying to build a flow which does something like this:

  • If gust speed is > 25
  • Then screens up

I see “Gust speed changed” with a tag Gust speed but don’t know how to use this card to achieve my goal.
Can anybody help?

You have to work with a logic card in the ‘AND’ section:

IF windspeed has changed (DarkSky)

AND windspeed is greater than 25 (Logic)


Thanks! That’s it.

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I update the homey from V1.5.13 to V2.0.4 and install the DarkSky Weather app, it is a great app it works very well.

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Anyone here who is sending crash reports? Got two ID’s: but can’t seem to find a reason for the reports


Version 0.8 resolves a nasty bug:

In the latest version 0.7 there is a nasty bug that prevents the app from working correctly. It does not, i repeat, does not update any values. I just updated the github repo and hope that Athom will approve the latest release very soon. If you cant wait install it using cli please.

The update is in the app store. I didn’t noticed any problems with values not updating.
But thanks for the update Jeroen!

I didn’t notice it myself at first. But I have several flows that act on the uv-index. And since it’s nice and shiny outside today I was wondering why they behaved like they did. And so I found that the data was changed 7 days ago then I found the bug .


Thx Jeroen, I didn’t noticed the bug either.

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Currently im almost drowning in rain and ‘hagelstenen’ but Darksky is showing 0.48 mm rain rather than 480 mm what seems to be more the case :rofl:

For logical cards; do i need to enter 3 and the unit in mm? Only entered 3 at the moment but my flow already starts with a change from 0.47 mm to 0.48 mm :man_shrugging:t4:

I have installed the app and very enthusiastic about it, but found that the provided data is not really accurate. This weekend it gave 80% clouded when the sky was blue and sunny. Yesterday evening it started very light rain about half an hour after some heavy thunder and hail storms.
Hopefully the data will improve, the app itself looks impressive!

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The rain is indeed not that accurate , it’s more like a prediction.
I use the app “Buienalarm” for the rain.

For the cloud data , i don’t have any problems with it.
It says 84% at the moment en looks accurate because it’s cloudy over here.

It says 100% cloudy now, while the sky is blue and sunny.

Sorry to say but what do you want me to do about it? Ask the weather gods to update the information? The app uses an api which retrieves data from various sources. The app is just the messenger.


@Jeroen_Somhorst We all know you are the weather god, so I suppose @Jo_San asked you kindly to generate some clouds and make it rain :cloud_with_rain:


Wow guys, hold on. I did not mean to complain about the app or your hard work. As I wrote a couple of messages above, I think the app is impressive!
I just wanted to share my experience as feedback because I thought it could help, not as a complaint. Apologees if you experienced otherwise.

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Op welke wijze moeten de coordinaten worden ingevuld. Notatiewijze D, DM of DMS. Heeft iemand een voorbeeld coordinaat van een willekeurig punt in nederkand. Dan kom ik er ook wel uit